17 Muslima Influencers To Pay Attention To

Do you want more Muslim-focused content in your life? Maybe you’re looking for humor, modest fashion inspiration, or Muslim lifestyle tips. We’ve got you covered. This is a list of 17 of the best Muslima influencers. From fitness, to cooking, and from cinema to NFT’s, there is sure to be an influencer on this list that matches your interests. Here are 17 Muslima influencers you should be paying attention to for style and inspiration:

Ibtihaj Muhammad

If you’re into sports or not, Ibtihaj Muhammad will inspire you. Her list of accomplishments are incredible! Not only is Ibtihaj on the United State’s Olympic Fencing Team, but she was the first Muslim American woman to compete while wearing hijab for the United States. She’s also the first U.S. Olympian to win wearing a hijab!

Ibtihaj Muhammad - muslim influencers - bokitta blog

Ibtihaj is a New York Times bestselling author. She has authored two books– children’s book ”The Proudest Blue,” and autobiography  “Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream.”

Ibtihaj is an inspiring achiever–and inspiration for Muslim girls everywhere that they can accomplish wonders!

Syrian Foodie

Syrian Foodie - Muslim Influencers - bokitta blog

Syrianfoodie’s content is all about (you guessed it) delicious, traditional Syrian food. Foodie also features modest fashion, design, and hosting tips. Her instagram feed is seriously satisfying, and you will be hungry after looking through her posts. Syrianfoodie is great for inspiration on food styling, table-dressing, and delicious, gourmet recipes.

Samah Safi Bayazid

Samah is an award-winning filmmaker from Jordan. She directed a number of acclaimed short-films, including “Telephone,” and “Apocalypse.” These days, Samah is also in the virtual reality business, with her company Light Art VR. The company creates original and immersive VR experiences, like “Mecca: A Journey Through Time,” which takes viewers back in time 1400 years, and tells the story of the revelation that came to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Samah Safi Bayazid - Muslima Influencer - bokitta blog
Samah is a strong creative force, empowering women, and putting eyes on creativity and art from the Middle East.

Leena Snoubar

Leena Snoubar - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Leena is a Muslima blogger and modest fashion guru from Texas. The first thing you might notice about Leena’s page is that she’s obsessed with nude colour tones! Her content is great for modest outfit inspiration, and beauty and makeup tips. Leena also runs a YouTube channel with regular vlogs.. Check out her “Girl Chat” video series, where Leena answers tough questions and dishes out life advice.

Jasmine Fares

Jasmine is a Toronto and Dubai-based Muslima blogger and content creator who is known for her funny, relatable content and impeccable style. Beyond creating YouTube and TikTok content, Jasmine has her own minimalist, modest clothing brand that ships worldwide.

Jasmine Fares - muslima influencer - bokitta blog
Jasmine is known for her hilarious skits that she creates with her husband Dawoud. They give major Muslim power-couple vibes!

Omaya Zein

Omaya is a Dubai-based travel, lifestyle, and fashion creator. She creates funny and relatable skits, and she’s not scared to crack jokes at her own expense! Omaya’s content is also great for modest outfit ideas and inspiration. Her well-organised travel content entertains, and will give you the urge to go out and explore!

Omaya Zein - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Check out Omaya’s youtube content for everyday vlogs, and in-depth travel content.

Vivy Yusof

Vivy Yusof - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Vivy is a Muslima entrepreneur from Malaysia. Her page is full of style inspo, mini-vlogs, and family content. Vivy is no stranger to modest fashion. In fact, she’s founded multiple modest clothing brands. Vivy also uploads Style content and family vlogs (with her adorable kids) on YouTube. Check out Vivy’s page for great content from a bona fide Muslima girlboss.

Ghizlan Guenez

Ghizlan is all about women’s advancement, modest fashion, and blockchain. She founded The Modist–an online publication that features women’s modest fashion brands.

Ghizlan Guenez - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Ghizlan is all about web 3.0, and co-founded the Queen Mode nft. Ghizlan also runs an online business course called F Force. Check out Ghizlan’s pages for lifestyle, business, and fashion content from a serious Muslima business-woman.

Eileen Lahi

Eslima was Qatar’s influencer of the year in 2018. She creates modest style inspiration, outfit videos, mom-content, and lifestyle vlogs. Eileen also produces travel content.

Eileen Lahi - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Though she doesn’t upload much cooking content, look for her hilarious instagram story on making yummy instant noodles–It’s sure to put a smile on your face!

Rawan Alsadi
Rawan Alsadi - muslima influencer - bokitta blog Rawan is a Dubai-based fashion, fitness, lifestyle and travel influencer. Her content is Arabic-first, making her especially unique on this list. Rawan’s style is classy and casual, with an urban streetwear vibe for good measure.

Zeinab Merhi

Zeinab Merhi - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Zeinab is a Lebanon-based journalist, blogger, and fashion influencer. Zeinab’s outfits often feature unique and decadent designs, with lots of embroidery! Check out Zeinabs instagram and TikTok for well-shot, aesthetics and modest fashion inspiration.


Hina from storyofstyle is an Oklahoma-based Muslima vlogger who focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and health. No wonder she’s so focused on health–Hina is a doctor! When she’s not seeing patients, Hina posts some great fashion content. 

Storyofstyle muslima influencer - bokitta blog

She seems to specialise in creating great outfits from nude-tones. Whether you’re looking for fashion or health advice, check out Hina’s page.

Leyla Fatallah

Leyla Fathalla - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Leyla is a tride and true celebrity TV chef from beautiful Lebanon. You can catch her on television, or you can check out her instagram page for mouthwatering recipe inspiration, or just to see some extremely satisfying cooking videos. Leyla is great at what she does, so check out her page next time you’re not sure what to cook for dinner, and get inspired!

Mawadda Tak

Mawadda is based between Riyadh, Dubai, and LA. She’s a certified fashion stylist, and it shows. Mawadda’s page is full of well-designed, modest outfit inspiration.

mawadda tak - muslimah influencer - bokitta blog

What’s great about Mawadda’s page is that she does it all–from urban, to casually classy, to all-dolled-up. No matter what style you go for, you’ll likely find something that catches your eye on her page.

Shazrina Azman

Shazrina’s is a Muslima influencer who focuses on humanitarianism and spirituality. She works with and features multiple Muslim nonprofit organizations around the world.

Shazrina Azman - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

She also posts uplifting and encouraging wisdom and spiritual content. If you’re interested in having more human rights, or Islamic content in your feed, do check out Shazrina.

Asma Nasa

Asma is a lifestyle content creator who specialises in bright, clean, and well-shot beauty and fashion aesthetics.

asma nasa - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

She also loves oral hygiene. So much so that she created her own brand of natural, vegan toothpaste. Her page is full of positivity, fashion inspo, and lifestyle aesthetics.

Summer Albarcha

Summer is a great resource for modest casual styling in all colors. Her style is diverse–dress it up, dress it down, for any season. If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe without going too formal, check out Summer’s styles.

Summer Albarcha - muslima influencer - bokitta blog

Summer also founded her own brand of modest evening gowns, called “Summer Evenings.” 

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