10 Outfits for Eid 2021

 Here Comes Eid!

Eid al Fitr is just few days away, although it feels like Ramadan started yesterday!

We celebrate to share joy and happiness after being able to perform ibadat during the holy month and inshaa’ Allah being blessed by Allah’s mercy. It is Sunnah to be happy and share your positive feeling, and it is also a Sunnah to wear your best clothes or get new outfits. The Prophet (ﷺ) used to wear his best clothes on the day of Eid.

This Eid, your outfit preparations should be on fleek! Getting ready for Eid is very exciting and joyful, especially that you will be sharing joy through your overall look and attitude.

 Eid Outfits Bokitta

Who said if there is no outings, you cannot dress up and change your mood?

Even if you are at home, with no visitors coming over, you should be taking care of yourself and your style. Make dinner with your family an occasion that you dress up to and be elegant. This will change your mood and bring vividity to the house and positive vibes to all family members.

We present to you, dear Bokitta Lover, a variety of suggestions for your Eid outfits, matched with our Bokitta instant hijabs that will bring elegance and sophistication to your appearance.

* The prefect Hijab Collections for Eid *

 For plain color lovers, we know that you will absolutely choose JOLIE

And if you are a print lover, then  RAYHANA  or BATIK are the right choice for you.


We fell in love with the style of a special shaped sleeves top with a matching skirt, a style of a non-formal suit that is perfect for ceremonies and Eid! We also love the minimal details of crystal rhinestones on the edges of the hijabs. So here are some elegant Eid outfit ideas in this style:

  *Monochromatic looks are taking over our outfit inspirations this Eid*

A beautiful match of a “Changeant” color in a purple hue. Pair it with heeled sandals and you are good to go!

Eid Outfits Bokitta


Wearing “Dusty Lilac” from JOLIE 


Shades of pink and purple are our favorites this Eid season whether on clothes or in you hijab! You can never go wrong with a plain monochrome outfit. You can match different hijab shades with the same outfit.


Eid Outfits Bokitta


Style your " Keepsake Lilac" hijab shade with a classy ruffled sleeves top and a statement skirt.

 "Plum Truffle" shade or "Dusty Mauve" Hijab are a good option for this outfit as well. 



We love to mix and match and create unusual outfits. Create an effortless but chic outfit especially with the instant fully wrapped hijab. Add a matching belt to the waist to lift the top a little and create a new form of ruffles.

Eid Outfits Bokitta

A beautiful combination of a blue outfit, styled with "Atmosphere" (light grey hue) in Jolie


We always have an option for BLACK color lovers! Black is always original and has a beautiful charm. 

Try a monochromatic outfit in Black: A loose engraved shirt with bell-shaped Sleeves, along with a plain skirt in the same color.

Eid Outfits Bokitta


Featuring the beautiful "Noir" shade in Jolie Style 



For printed hijab lovers, here are some assortments that can inspire you to match your Eid outfit, featuring Rayhana and Batik Collections. 


Rayhana is a collection of Power. With its unique prints of Arabic calligraphy and small florals, it can be matched with many outfits of your choice.

Eid Outfits Bokitta

Style "Jameela Black" in Freestyle, with a long burgundy dress and colorful high heels sandals. 

Eid Outfits Bokitta

"Fariha Army" hijab is versatile and goes with many colors. We styled it here with a special shade of pink jumpsuit and bold sandals.

Eid Outfits Bokitta

We love this funky suit outfit matched with "Mohtashema Purple " in Chic Mini style. Don't forget your small bag and matching heels.

Eid Outfits Bokitta

A beautiful combination of "Ghaliya Latte" with this light colored Kurta, that we love wearing with open sandals.


 Inspired by the Asian Batik art flowers and leaves, we designed Batik, One of the Eid Hijabs Collections. 

Here are some outfit inspirations that you can wear with Batik Hijabs.

Eid Outfits Bokitta

Wear the beautiful "Petunia" in purple hue with a dress of the same color in a different shade for a royal look.

Eid Outfits Bokitta

We love the florals of "Marigold", and we styled it here with this beautiful greenish monochromatic set.

Eid Outfits Bokitta


A simple semi-casual look, featuring our marvelous black shade in "Lotus Night" 

We celebrate Eid and we increase the acts of worship, by wearing modest clothes. So stay elegant with your outfits, but keep them long, loose and undefined.  

We hope we inspired you to prepare your beautiful Eid outfit! Don’t forget to share your images with us on #Bokittalovers to show us which outfits you matched with our Bokitta Hijabs 😍

 Eid Mubarak 🌷


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