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Our Factory

We operate with the highest standard and commitment to ethical practices and craftsmanship. Here, more than 200 women work diligently, ensuring that every ready-to-wear hijab and underscarf is meticulously crafted from start to finish.

Every single instant hijab involves the collective effort of at least 20 skilled women to guarantee an exceptional quality. These incredible women, with their skilled hands and unwavering commitment, are the heartbeat of our creations.

Crafted by women for women who embrace hijab & modesty with confidence.

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The Design
It all starts here!

It's a 6 month journey from the drawing board to your wardrobe. In our factory, we dream up unique patterns, play with colors on different palettes, and bring those ideas to life on fabric that's been carefully picked just for hijabis. Creating our pin-less instant hijabs involves a process that's far more complex than sewing a basic blouse or shawl. It requires multiple stages of dyeing and sewing, followed by carefully assembling those pieces together.In the end, you get an effortlessly stylish pre-sewn hijab, thoughtfully curated and tailored just for you.

Hijab Fashion Tape, Hijab Magnets, Hijab Brooche

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Muslim Head Scarf

Extra Light-weight, breathable, dry-fit, cooling, reversible, & anti-microbial.

Sports hijabs for women who are on the move.

Cardio Sports Hijab

Endure more with the Cardio Hijab. This extra light weight two-piece sports hijab fits securely thanks to its structured design. It features a sweat-wicking, SPF 30+, quick-drying, antimicrobial, cooling fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable through your hottest days, and your toughest workouts. It comes with a matching sports inner.

Which style would you wear?

We believe in the beauty of diversity. That's why we're thrilled to present our exclusive range of 10 pre-stitched instant hijab styles, each meticulously designed to complement different face shapes and personal style preferences. Our hijabs are a breeze to wear—require no ironing. Made from breathable light weight chiffon, they promise comfort from dawn till dusk.
The best part: each hijab comes with a matching undercap!
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Empowering Women, Empowering Modesty.

Bokitta is your ultimate online hijab store for the latest instant hijab trends and accessories.
Our 2024 hijab collection is meticulously crafted to empower women to express their unique hijab style without compromising modesty. Bokitta offers extensive hijab choices for diverse occasions.
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