Exclusive Printed Collections


Each of the five prints in Bokitta’s Miracles Collection were inspired by perfect miracles illustrated within the Qura’an. These prints serve to illustrate the discoveries of these miracles that were written in the Qura’an 1,400 years ago.


The Signature Collection is a carefully curated set of Arabic calligraphy prints with a modern, pop-art twist.  Each piece in this collection is printed on luxurious brasso fabric. The Signature Collection serves as a hallmark of Bokitta design philosophy: celebrating 12 years of designing stunning hijabs for modern women.

World Traveler

Life is a journey, not a destination. Unlock your wanderlust with the World Traveler Collection. Designed to inspire your love of travel with nine unique designs featuring iconic locales from around the world.


This collection depicts optimism through an artwork of exploded florals that came out from winter sleep, the fragile and fleeting moment evoking the irresistible rebirth of beauty, the moment when a flower opens to greet the pale light of a new season.

Flor Amor

Summer days are gone, but floral prints are here to stay, all-year-round!

Our Autumn / winter collection is like stepping into your back garden and smelling the freshness all at once, it is walking barefoot on dew drop grass, sipping on coffee and busking in the sun; it is the touch of softness and energy of the first ray.

It’s a never ending love affair for vintage colors and florals, it is Flor Amor… 


SHE Collection translates the five elements of Nature in masterpieces prints, designed in joyful vivid strokes.


To every woman who likes colors, we present to you the Essentials Collection, inspired by nature and fruits, for colorful everyday wear.


Rayhana collection features hijab prints based on Arabic Calligraphy intertwined with some flowers and leaves, in words that describe the Muslim Woman.


Hello there BOKITTA Girls!
Our Slip-On hijabs will become your new favorite hijabs on the go! 
We made them of 100% Polo Cotton fabric, and we treated them with N9 Silver Technology to keep you fresh all day.

They come in a versatile recyclable package that you can use as a new item for your desk accessories.