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"Taj" Instant Hijab

TAJ is a hijab dedicated to the 21st century, urban, contemporary woman who is always on the go... She appreciates comfort without sacrificing style.

This hijab comes in 2 lengths: TAJ and TAJMAXI, and can be styled in at least 5 different ways.

Instant Hijab

Comes in 2 Lengths


Covers Above the Chest
Length = 55cm
Face Size = 55cm to 62cm

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Taj Maxi

Full Chest Coverage
Length = 66cm
Face Size = 55cm to 65cm

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Hijab Features

- 100% Cotton Lining
- 2 In 1 Cotton Matching Inner
- Flexible Flap For Easy Styling
- Soft Fabric
- Nice Draping
- Breathable

Metal Tag

2 In 1 Matching Inner


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Designed with Love, Stitched with Care ❤