"Voila" Instant Hijab

This ready-to-wear designer hijab is made of exclusive lightweight high-quality fabric and lined with 100% cotton voile to ensure breathability and comfort for hijabi women.
It includes a matching inner to offer you an elegant and sophisticated look.

It has a short wrap on the right to give you the perfect wrapped hijab look effortlessly, without using a single pin!


Instant Hijab

Comes in 3 Lengths

Voila Mini

No Chest Coverage

Face Size: 53cm to 65cm
45cm from Chin to Chest

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Little Chest Coverage

Face Size: 55cm to 65cm
55cm from Chin to Chest

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Voila Maxi

Medium Chest Coverage

Face Size: 55cm to 65cm
65cm from Chin to Chest

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Hijab Features

- Pinless
- Short Wrap
- Matching Inner
- 100% Cotton Lining
- Soft Fabric
- Breathable

Light-weight Fabric

Finished with a gold-plated metal tag

Short Wrap, Prestitched Design.

Looking for a different style?

Designed with Love, Stitched with Care ❤