30 lessons from the prophet's actions

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1. Humble beginnings

Did you know that the Prophet (PBUH) started out as a shepherd? Eventually, he worked hard and became a successful merchant.

2. Trustworthiness

One of the Prophet’s first titles was “Al-Ameen,” the trustworthy. He was known for his honesty, truthfulness, and fair business practices.

3. Anti-racist

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The Prophet (PBUH) was known as an anti-racist, and utterly condemned racism and tribalism, believing that all were created equally by Allah.

4. Helping around the house

Mohammad was a unique man that would often help out around the home. Aisha, one of the Prophet's wives, said that he would do chores around the house before going out for prayer.

5. He established rights for women

Mohammad (PBUH) introduced some revolutionary improvements for women’s rights in 7th century Arabia. He allowed women to inherit, taught that they were equal under the eyes of God, and prohibited sexual abuse of women. “The best of you is the best to his wives” (Tirmidhi).

6. Don’t over consume

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The Prophet (PBUH) watched what he ate, and didn’t overconsume. He made sure that no food went to waste. He never complained about the food placed before him, and was always content with his meal.

7. Intermittent fasting

The Prophet (PBUH) was known for fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. He regularly fasted as an act of worship and submission to God. Intermittent fasting is also known to have great health benefits.

8. Early riser

Mohammad (PBUH) always slept early and woke early. He was known to wake with the Adhan of Fajr every day.
Waking early is associated with productivity and good mental health.

9. Eating slowly

The Prophet (PBUH) made a habit of eating slowly, even when he was hungry. Eating slowly helps you to portion your meals and improve your digestion.

10. Speak good or remain silent

Speak good or remain silent- lessons from the prophet -bokitta blog

The Prophet (PBUH) understood the importance of discipline. He knew that one wrong word can stir disaster, and that holding one’s tongue is sometimes important. He always considered his words before he spoke.

11. Be kind to your neighbours

The Prophet (PBUH) always helped his neighbours. He established certain rights between neighbours. As Muslims, we should care for them when they need our help, spend time with them, and help them if they need food or financial aid.

12. Respect your elders

respect your elders - lessons from the prophet - bokitta blog

The Prophet (PBUH) taught that we should always respect our elders. When elders are at fault, he exemplified that we should correct them gently and politely. Give your seat to the eldery, or help them cross the road. Always look out for our older citizens.

13. Don't’ condescend the young

The Prophet (PBUH) taught that we should show affection to little ones. We shouldn’t meanly scold, or talk down to younger ones in a condescending manner.

14.Conceal the faults of others

Mohammad wasn’t a gossip, and he didn’t take pleasure in airing out the faults of others. He taught that we should protect people’s reputation, and understand that no human is free of faults.

15.Restrained anger

Even under the most stressful and tense situations, the Prophet (PBUH) was always careful to restrain his anger. When we act out of anger, we do or say things that we normally wouldn't, and we are subject to making mistakes.

16.Enjoy solitude

enjoy solitude - lessons from the prophet - bokitta blog

The Prophet (PBUH) enjoyed his times of solitude. He used them to meditate, reflect, and grow closer to Allah. When we spend time alone, we get to know ourselves better.


The Prophet (PBUH) was a big believer in gratitude. He was grateful for everything that Allah provided for him.

Even when we had very little, he was still grateful for having enough. We can all learn to express more gratitude like The Prophet.

18.Give generously

It is said that The Prophet (PBUH) would give charity generously, always giving sadaqah and urging his companions to do the same. Among sacred days and the month of Ramadan, the Prophet’s giving would reportedly increase.

19.Love learning

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The Prophet (PBUH) was a lifelong learner, and we should be too! Learning is a path towards paradise. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whoever follows a path in pursuit of knowledge, Allah makes his way easy to paradise.” (Bukhari)

20.Take hardship with stride

Through challenges, battles, and hardship, the Prophet (PBUH) remained faithful and devoted to Allah. When stumbling blocks are in our way, we should keep moving forward.

“So be patient with beautiful patience"
 (Surah Al-Ma’arij, 70:5)”

21. Be clean

The Prophet (PBUH) was a hygienic, clean individual. He always washed and cleansed himself thoroughly, and always washed himself in accordance with Islamic principles. We should strive to be neat, clean, and presentable.

22. Say Bismillah

Like the Prophet, we should make a habit out of invoking the name of Allah. Before we eat, when we enter or exit the home, or whenever, really,we can invoke the name of god to bless whatever we do.

23. Daily prayer

daily prayers -lessons from the prophet - bokitta blog

Of course, the Prophet (PBUH) prayed five prayers daily. These prayers are great moments for meditation where we commune with god. Prayer is good for the body, mind and spirit.

24. Sharing meals together

The Prophet used to always share meals with family and companions. Sharing meals strengthens the familial bond, and is a chance to grow closer. Eating together reduces stress and builds healthy eating habits.

25. Eating dates

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Dates were among one of the Prophet's most eaten foods. He used to break his fast with dates, which are now considered an ultra-healthy superfood that aids digestion and stabilises blood sugar.

26. Be fair towards others

Mohammad was known as a fair businessman, who always treated those that he did business with respectfully and fairly. In our daily life, we shouldn’t cheat others. We should always give people a fair shake, and treat them how we would like to be treated.

27. Make time for people

make time for people - lessons from the prophet - bokitta blog

The prophet was known for visiting his friends and companions to sit, chat, and share wisdom. We should always make time for friends and family–they’re the most important people in our lives, and our actions should reflect that.

28. Nap

The Prophet was known for taking afternoon naps until Dhuhr. A well-timed nap is a great way to get a boost of energy to get you through the day. Even our Prophet loved naps!

29. Service to society

Service to society - lessons from the prophet  - bokitta blog

An overall trend of the Prophet's actions is service. From helping out around the house, to teaching, to giving away sadaqah, the Prophet (PBUH) put others before himself. That is something that all of us can learn from.

30 Dental Hygiene

The Prophet (PBUH) was known to always brush his teeth with an Arak branch. It’s even reported that he kept a make-shift toothbrush by his bedside so that he could cleanse his mouth first thing in the morning when he awoke. Even the Prophet knew 1,400 years ago how important dental hygiene is. 


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