4 Modest Fashion Styling Tips For Petite Women

There is a notion that to dress modestly is to dress boringly. That doesn’t have to be true. With a little bit of thought and effort, you can transform your wardrobe into a statement on stylish modesty–something that reflects your unique tastes and personality, and speaks to your personal style.

Problems for modest-dressing women run the gamut. All bodies are beautiful, but all bodies are different. Clothes that cover body features for one person might emphasise them on another. If you have a petite frame, you might find putting together modest, stylish outfits difficult. So many of the clothing choices produced for your body type emphasise revealing. If that's not your schtick, stick around for tips on modest clothing for petite women.

Modest Occasion Dresses 

So you have an important night out–maybe it's a wedding, prom, or other formal event. You want to look your best in a dress without sacrificing modesty. When you’re looking for a dress, go for something with added details like ruffles, frills, and folds. Dresses like these are great because they add depth and detail without showing off curves. For extra coverage, you can always go for modest maxi dresses.

sleeveless dress

Sleeveless Dress ~ Clothing Collection

Try Fitted Pants With a Long Shirt 

Try out some fitted pants, and pair them with a longer, flowey, tunic-like shirt. The fitted pants will compliment your frame and make you look taller. Be sure to pair them with a longer shirt that covers your midriff and hips. You’ll want a shirt that is loose enough to cover everything, but not so loose that it bulks or broadens your upper body.

classic pants

Classic Pants ~ Clothing Collection

Try Midi Skirts 

A mini skirt is (obviously) not a very modest choice for you. Modest maxi dresses or skirts would be a good choice for you, but if you are on the shorter side, maxi-length items are going to draw attention to your short stature.

Midi Skirts might just be for you. They generally go down to the calf, providing good coverage and making you look elegant. If you want more coverage still, wear a pair of leggings or panty-hose underneath. This type of look is versatile, giving you plenty of options when building a mix-and-match wardrobe. As a bonus, skirts also make great modest Summer clothes.

wrapped skirt

Wrapped Skirt ~ Clothing Collection

Urban Modesty and Streetwear 

 The Urban Modesty look is super hot right now. If you’re into punk, urban, streetwear-styles, this look might just be for you. Urban Modesty fashion takes its cues from street-wear, which leans modest.

Try out a pair of baggy cargo pants with boots. Go for the time-tested 90’s staple of layering a short-sleeve shirt over a long-sleeve shirt. Better yet, go for a flannel, sweatshirt or hoodie. Urban Modesty looks are super versatile, and extremely easy to cobble together. Streetwear and sportswear looks have a lot of overlap. If you’ve bought modest workout clothing, try incorporating some of it into your daily wardrobe.

                  face mask

Face Masks ~ Accessories


Whether you decide you’re more of a skirts or cargo pants girl, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try new things on your modest fashion journey. Hopefully this list of insights helped you think of ways to express both your modesty and your unique personal style and individuality. Modest fashion is fashion, period. 



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