Modest Fashion Styling Tips For Plus Sized Women

When it comes to modest clothing for women, there are different challenges for all body types. Clothes that mask features on one type of body might accentuate them on another. For women large, small, and everyone in between, it can be difficult to put together outfits that express your modesty, while still reflecting your style, fashion and personal flair.

Expressing modesty by covering your figure and masking your silhouette can be even more difficult if you are a curvier, plus-size woman. We’re going to go over some tips on how larger ladies can dress modestly, while still expressing their personality and beauty.

Avoid Tapered Pants 

Especially if you have wide hips, or an hour-glass or pear body-type, you’ll want to avoid tight or tapered leggings. These will accentuate your hip-region. A good modest, fashionable alternative for you would be wide-leg or flared options. There are plenty of different pants styles to go for. If you want to dress lady-like, go for some lovely free-flowing skirts, or modest maxi dresses. Urban modesty looks are all the rage these days. If you’re more of a punk rocker, try some baggy cargo pants. Loose pants and flowy skirts also have the bonus of being great modest Summer clothes because of their breeziness.

basic pants

Basic Pants ~ Clothing Collection

Jackets, Jackets, Jackets 

Jackets are your secret weapon. They can serve as a modest statement piece on their own, or simply add extra coverage to a top that you love. Find interesting and fun prints that speak to you. Jackets can add a lot of personality to your wardrobe. Thin, light, ladies Summer jackets can even be worn in warmer weather. If you’re thinking of going for a blazer, get something made from a thinner material that is single-breasted to avoid looking bulky.

Basic Blazer Clothin collection

Basic Blazer ~Clothing Collection

Balance Your Top and Bottom Halves 

Beyond being a good idea for modest fashion–this is good fashion advice, period.
Create a dynamic contrast between the top and bottom halves of your outfit.  Especially if you’re pear-shaped, avoid tucking your shirt into your pants. Doing so will emphasise your bottom half. Instead, go for a longer shirt that has some flow.

To mask your hip-area, wear darker colored bottoms, and match it with a lighter colored top. Longer tops like tunics are great for providing extra coverage of the mid-riff and hips, and also help you follow the two-thirds styling rule. Finding a set of complementary tops and bottoms is a key to creating a versatile, mix-and-match wardrobe.

long vest - clothing collection

Long Waistcoat ~Clothing Colection

Ditch Statement Necklaces 

To avoid drawing attention to your bosom, ditch the big and showy statement necklaces. Go for something more subtle, and sub them for some lovely earrings, or power-hoops. Our hijab magnets also make great statement items that draw attention away from other parts of your body and emphasise your face.

     pearl magnet            pearl stylers

Pearl & Crystal Magnet Styler ~Accessories

Hopefully this list of tips was able to give you some new ideas on how you can curate your modest style. Modest fashion doesn’t have to be boring–you can express your self-respect and modesty while still celebrating your individuality and personal style.

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