5 Fashion Tips to Blossom in Spring of 2021

We finally welcome the season of chirping birds, flying butterflies and blooming valleys. The season of colors and life. What is more beautiful than nature in SPRING with its beautiful scents, colors and blossoming flowers everywhere?

It brings joy and happiness to our hearts and souls, so enjoy it! Dress up, go out, and spread your positive vibes everywhere you go.

With this season comes the cute spring outfits! They create an energetic and refreshing breeze that reflects on your personality and your mood.  They are the best seasonal clothes because of their colors, light-weight fabrics, prints, and comfortable layers.

Being a hijabi means adding one more item to your outfit of the day, so make sure it is matching and suits your skin tone. In spring, not only your clothes have to be lightweight, but also your headscarf, to keep you fresh and comfortable all day long. For this reason, Bokitta has created a variety of hijab collections suitable for every woman, every season and every style. 

Everybody loves spring… So, love yourself and blossom with your style just like spring does, with our simple tips for this season...


 Bokitta fashion spring 2021

1. Update Your Wardrobe 

When it comes to welcoming fresh Spring days, updating your wardrobe is a must.  Donate all clothes you do not wear anymore and get yourself some new items that bring you vividity and energy. Spring helps you freshen up your style and gives you hope and power to keep going in life. Refresh your style not only with colors but also with a touch of modesty and pureness. Make sure to have the basic items that your style relies on!

Bokitta fashion spring 2021

We took a look at your wardrobe basics, and we found that you are missing plain colorful hijabs that add vividity to your styles. You cannot miss these classy pieces that suit your everyday wear! Get the Essentials Hijab Collection from Bokitta for a colorful hijab to every spring outfit!


         Bokitta fashion spring 2021

 2. Wear Casual Outfits

This spring season, simplicity is in the air. Plain pieces are our favorites. Style your dreamy simple looks, inspired by the fresh colors and shapes of spring, and reflect happiness in your outfits. 

Change can be beautiful sometimes, so why not add a twist of modesty to your everyday look, by wearing long shirts, wider pants, or even modest loose dresses.    

Inspired by spring vibes, we bring to you a set of outfits that go well with flourish spring days 

 Nothing is better than a simple outdoor trip on a spring day with family and friends to enjoy the warming sun. Wear the "Apple" Emerald-like color from the Essentials collection to bring a sense of clarity, renewal, and rejuvenation to your style. Make a contrast in your combinations by choosing mismatching colors.

            Bokitta Fashion spring 2021


A dress is a perfect option in the hot trend this spring. Make sure you add a comfortable maxi dress to your wardrobe for a fresh look. You can style the Redy hijab from The Essentials with a denim jacket and a white dress for the perfect “springy” wear.

Bokitta fashion spring 2021


        A long-pleated skirt will add the ultimate feminine touch to your outfits

 Bokitta fashion spring 2021


Let your style bloom like spring

3. Choose Colorful and Floral Looks 

           Create a simple look with radiant colors…

Let this spring season be a beautiful twist for your outfit. Let your hijab style be in harmony with nature and fruits! If you are not a fan of colors, you might need to reconsider your choices this spring! Try to add a splash of colors to your headscarf or accessories and add vividity and freshness to your everyday looks. Make a garden palette, and add some patterns of spring blossoms as well. 

A mesmerizing shade of purple takes over the Berry hijab from the Essentials collection. You can style it with a grey shirt and denim or white pants

    Bokitta fashion spring 2021


     A plain colorful hijab will look great with a floral long dress. Make sure to add a sprinkle of a yellow hue to your outfits, brought from the sunshine of the spring.

          Bokitta fashion spring 2021 Bokitta fashion spring 2021 Bokitta fashion spring 2021


    Add a touch of blush to your clothes, with this pink-colored hijab Smoothie from the Essentials collection. You can wear it with a baby blue outfit for a mismatching look

    Bokitta fashion spring 2021

    For black and dark colors lovers, add a fruit splash color hijab from the essentials to the outfit to break the deadlock.

                  Bokitta fashion spring 2021 Bokitta fashion spring 2021

    4. Choose Small Bags 

                              This spring, choose Bold bags in vibrant colors 

       Bokitta fashion spring 2021Bokitta fashion spring 2021Bokitta fashion spring 2021


        On the contrary, you can go for a casual clutch or perhaps a picnic basket!


    5. Add a Simple Accessory to your Hijab or Outfit  

    To break the boredom in your plain pieces that you wear, you need to add some accessories for a fancy look.


              Spring 2021 Spring 2021 Spring 2021

    For your shirts, you can add a brooch, a belt or simply a long necklace.

      When it comes to your hijab, it became very chic to add a modern piece of a scarf ring or a magnet styler. You can check the Stylers (18k Gold Plated Hijab magnets) from Bokitta. They will add a swanky twist to your hijab looks. Place them on the side, the lower part or even on the loose end of the hijab to create the twist.

      Bokitta Stylers


        Women are not a seasonal flower. They last forever, but they blossom when they are wearing the right outfit that suits their personality and their convictions. Just like a spring valley, each woman is different; and your difference is what makes you beautiful. And remember, your beauty lies in your modesty. So, stay modest, yet fashionable!

        Whether you are in Love with prints or plains, simple or sophisticated, you can find all hijab options at Bokitta’s online shop, and match your findings with your everyday wear!

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