6 Activities for you and your kids in Nature

Welcome to Summer! The air is fresh, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your kids are on Summer break! You’ll likely get to enjoy a lot more quality time with your children than usual in the Summertime. For those days when you’re not working, and you want to take them to do something memorable, we have got you covered! There’s no better way to create memories (and let your kids burn off some energy) than by taking them out into nature. Connecting with nature is important–it toughens our kids up and gives them a sense of fearlessness and adventure.  So, there are activities for you anf your kids to bond over in nature!

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This might be a good recommendation for the more adventurous of you reading this. Camping is such a fun and unique way to connect with nature. Sleeping out in the woods, and looking up at the stars just as our forefathers did–there is something so satisfying about taking in the sounds and smells of pure nature. Bring some delicious food, and cook it over your campfire. You can do S’mores too! Here is a tip for easily cooking over a campfire–use aluminium foil. Wrap up your veggies and meat in foil with seasoning and lay it in the coals of the fire. In about 20 minutes, you’ll have dinner.

2-Scavenger Hunt

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Lead your kids on a wild-goose-chase. You can do a fun, highly interactive scavenger hunt almost anywhere, whether it’s at the local park, or in your backyard. Develop a mystery, with a fun story. Maybe all the candy in the house was stolen by the yard squirrels, and they have to figure out how to get it back. Hide their favourite candy in a well-hidden spot. Then, leave a trail of clues that leads from one to the next, and eventually to your cache of sweets. Your kids will love solving the clues, using their brain, and watching the mystery unfold.

You could also do a more straightforward scavenger hunt. Give your kids a list of thing in nature that they have to find and bring to you. When they complete the list, they get a prize.

Maybe on your list you could include:
-A funny looking rock
-a four leaf clover
-a white flower
-a snail
- three green leaves
-a certain color of flower

3-Bug Hunting

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If you and your kids aren’t afraid of getting dirty, this is so much fun. Get your kids some little buckets and shovels, go outside, and start turning over some rocks! It’s not hard to find bugs, and your kids will get so excited. Most bugs you’ll find outside turning over rocks aren’t dangerous, so not to worry. This type of activity is educational–it gives your kids an up-close look at nature, where they can get familiar with the little biospheres that surround us everyday, but often go unnoticed.


4-Rock Art

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This one is pretty straightforward. Rock art is fun and easy! Go out with your kids and find some nice, pretty rocks. Then, all you have to do is paint! This is a great hands-on and artistic activity for you kids that will let them get outside, and get creative! 

5-Build A Terrarium

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Again, for those of you who aren’t afraid of handling animals, this type of activity is fun, adventurous, and educational. Get a terrarium–which can really be any large, see-through container. Fill it with dirt, grass, and some plants–whatever is growing naturally around you. Then, get to hunting. Look for little bugs of all sorts, frogs, lizards, and whatever else you’re comfortable handling. Put them in your terrarium, and watch them interact. Make sure there’s enough water, light, and air in your terrarium, and with the right mixture of reptiles and bugs, you could have yourself a tried and true miniature ecosystem!

6-Start a Garden

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Ever thought about starting a garden? Get that green thumb out, and get gardening. Gardens are a great way to teach your kids useful, hands-on skills. On top of that, you’ll have delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs to show for it! Starting a garden is easy. Dig up and turn the soil on a small part of your yard. You want fresh, soft soil. If you don’t have a yard, get some pots and put them on your balcony. Go buy some seeds–do a little research to see what grows well in your particular region and season. Then, plant and water according to the instructions. Gardening is a great activity for your kids that will teach them care and patience. 

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