9 Bright Mind Ideas to invest in old clothes

We, women, always have a huge batch of clothes that we want to replace and get something new instead. We often want to renovate and reinvest existing items, in many different ways.

You can invest in your old items in 3 main ways:

1- Donate:

This is a big investment because it might not be financial nor physical, yet it is indeed spiritual. You will be rewarded Ajer for it, not only for helping someone get a garment but also for making them happy and sharing joy with them. 

A little idea to increase the reward for both, you and the receiver, is to slip an amount of money or some sweets in the pocket of the pants or the shirt.

You can look for local organizations that provide donations for poor people, or you can search for targeted people by yourself and offer them the items.

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It was narrated that the Prophet ‘peace be upon him’ urged those who received a new garment to give in charity the old one:
 لَبِسَ عُمَرُ بْنُ الْخَطَّابِ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ ثَوْبًا جَدِيدًا فَقَالَ: الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذِي كَسَانِي مَا أُوَارِي بِهِ عَوْرَتِي وَأَتَجَمَّلُ بِهِ فِي حَيَاتِي ثُمَّ قَالَ: سَمِعْتُ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ يَقُولُ: " مَنْ لَبِسَ ثَوْبًا جَدِيدًا فَقَالَ: الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذِي كَسَانِي مَا أُوَارِي بِهِ عَوْرَتِي وَأَتَجَمَّلُ بِهِ فِي حَيَاتِي ثُمَّ عَمَدَ إِلَى الثَّوْبِ الَّذِي أَخْلَقَ فَتَصَدَّقَ بِهِ كَانَ فِي كَنَفِ اللَّهِ وَفِي حِفْظِ اللَّهِ وَفِي سِتْرِ اللَّهِ حَيًّا وَمَيِّتًا " (رواه الترمذي)
Omar bin al Khattab put on a new garment and said, “Praise be to Allah who has clothed me with something with which to cover my nakedness and adorn myself in my lifetime.” He then said that he had heard Allah’s messenger say that if anyone who puts on a new garment says, “Praise be to Allah who has clothed me with something with which to cover my nakedness and adorn myself in my lifetime,” then takes the old garment and gives it as sadaqa, he will be in Allah’s protection, guardianship and shelter both when alive and when dead.” (At- Tirmidhi)


If you want to earn some cash, you could simply sell your old items, but of course at low prices. Your clothes should be clean and in a good condition, so they appeal to the buyer. This could be applied also on items that still have their tags on or those worn only a few times.

 Organize your garage sale and display all items that you want to sell. You can also look for shops or websites that buy used clothes and let them do the work for you.

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The most fun and saving way to invest in your old clothes is by recycling!

I will not tell you to use your old clothes as a mop like some of our mothers do! Yet, I will offer you some bright mind ideas to create a change in your old closet items!

Here are # bright mind ideas to create a change in your wardrobe:

a) Make an Art Project:

Your options are absolutely limitless!

If you have a favorite drawing or an inspiring quote on an old shirt, you can cut it and frame it. 

You can turn your old socks into lovely stuffed puppets for the kids such as sock monkeys or any other character of your choice.

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DIY into Something New:

You can do the work by yourself or get the help of an expert. If you want to save a dear piece of clothes for you that has holes and tears in it, you can patch it up to make a new look with it! Turn your ordinary old jeans jacket into a new vest, by covering the holes with other pieces of fabric (patches) or creating a simple design in laces. You can cut your teared-up jeans legs and add some lace to create a pair of shorts with it (to wear at home). You can also create your own choker or headpiece. 

Hand hot handles are also an option to make with the remaining fabrics.

Do not throw away any piece of fabric/old clothes, especially those that are colorful and of good quality, and use them in different meanings, to spice up other pieces. 

Revive your most cherished clothes!

b) Elevate by Embroidery :

It might seem difficult, yet in fact it is very easy, that you can even do it by yourself. All you need is a needle, a thread, and some crystals. The idea is to embroider the design you like onto your old clothes. it might be a floral pattern on your pants or a little quote on your shirt. By embroidering your garments, you add a personal touch and a spark of individuality to them.

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c) Create Reusable Tote Bags : 

Take part in saving your money and the environment, and replace plastic and paper bags with a DIY fabric reusable tote bag. 

Turn your old shirts with stains into tote bags to use in your grocery shopping. Create different options in a variety of colors to match them with your outfits for extra fun and glam.  ​

d)Sweaters Pillow Covers:

Did you ever try to make your pillow covers by yourself? How about you do it now with almost any old sweater or blouse. Upcycle the piece into a pillow cover in a very short time, and get a cozier room!

e) Tie-Dye Style (painting):

This style is never too old and never stops bringing fun to the doers, especially for the kids, participating in the making process!

It is a very easy way to refresh your shirts and make them unique. 

Simply, fold the shirt in a spiral and soak it in bleach (colors of your choice). let it dry in an open space to avoid the hassle of cleaning after it. (It is preferable to make it in an open area like your garden or your balcony).

You will be satisfied with the result and you will feel like you got a new piece of clothes!

f) Stitched T-Shirts Blanket:

Every one of us has some pieces that hold sentimental feelings or memories for us, and we do not want to easily dispatch or throw them away. Whether it is a handmade knitted piece or a dear shirt that you bought, you can keep them alive by combining them into a blanket. You do not really need to use it as a cover, yet you can keep it as a decoration or a simple assembly of memories that you refer to whenever you feel nostalgic for certain moments or times. And if you add a special scent to this knitted piece, that is also brought from a certain memory, it will boost the nostalgic feeling of the blanket and will bring extra memories for you!

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Sometimes we have favorite clothes with big memories that we do not want to get rid of, yet they got old enough to be worn; so, we can invest in them in different ways. There are several uses of pieces that you don’t want to donate, but all you need is some imagination and time to create new things. Take advantage of old garments as an artistic material. 

🌾 We hope this article inspires you to reinvent existing clothes, while sharing joy and getting the help of your loved ones! 🌾

*Share with us your special ideas for renovating your old clothes and tell us which method you used from our suggested ones.*

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