Five Gift Ideas for Mom

While the wonder-women in our lives deserve to be celebrated (and treated) every single day of the year–Mother’s Day is a time for you to go overboard on the love, affection, and gift-giving that everyone’s mom deserves.

There’s no one more special–to be a mother is to understand the deepest and truest of loves. Moms show that love in big and small ways–from the sweet messages they drew on your school lunch bag when you were little, to being there in sickness and in health. There’s no one that loves more, gives more, and sacrifices more than our moms.

You’re probably here because you want to get something nice for mom–something that will make her feel special, and put a smile on her face. There’s no way a single gift can pay back what our mom’s have done for us (just think about how many of your messes she’s had to clean up), but here are five gift ideas that your mom might just love:

1. Love Blossoms

The love of a mother begins to blossom from the very first moment. Mothers are like the bud of a flower–keeping its pedals enclosed and protected all season long, until it is ready to blossom.

This classic floral print is the perfect gift for mom. This lightweight chiffon floral radiates feelings of a breezy and lovely spring morning. The vintage-inspired print is a fine mix of classy and chic, commanding all the respect that a mother deserves, while still keeping things light and fun. This print comes in nine different styles of hijab, to match your mom’s unique style.

love blossoms

Love Blossoms ~Flor Amor Collection

2. Soul Mate

No one gets you like Mom gets you. There is a distinct beauty in the unique connection between mother and child–two souls intertwined, that once lived inside the same body. From the moment the two of you met, it was meant to be. Mother and daughter don’t always see eye-to-eye, but love is a constant.

The Soul Mate print from our SHE collection features subtly colored, connected florals that represent faith, soul, and the mysteries of life. Printed on crinkled chiffon, this hijab comes in five different styles that mom will love.


Soul Mate ~ She Collection

3. Qawwiya

Can you think of any woman stronger than your mother? “Qawwiya,” meaning “strong” in Arabic is representative of a mother’s unique strength. Mom’s have a tenacity, a will of iron, and a determination that is unique to them. They’re our own personal superheroines. Moms are able to work magic, and they never cease to surprise us with what they can do. Maybe it’s the night before a class project is due and you forgot to ask your mom for the materials ahead of time–they scramble and get everything you need for the project. Maybe you’re sick in bed and they made you your favourite soup.

The “Qawwiya” print features beautiful Arabic calligraphy atop a navy blue background. This print features the words: Strong (قوية)  - Leader (قائدة) - Brave (شجاعة) - Influencer (مؤثرة) – Bold (جريئة). “Qawwiya” comes in seven different styles of hijab.

style voila maxi

Qawwiya Navy ~ Rayhana Collection

4. Jameela Black

Because nothing a no-one is more beautiful than mom. Chances are, you got your good looks from her.
All moms are beautiful, inside and out. While all moms look different, they all share an inner beauty–a natural grace and loveliness that has an indescribable quality,

“Jameela Black” features large floral buds on a stark black background. This print features Arabic calligraphy with words associated with beauty, including the words: Brilliant (مشرقة) - Beautiful (جميلة) - Pretty (حسناء) - Stylish (أنيقة) – Attractive (جذابة) - Astonishing (مذهلة). This hijab comes in seven different styles, and is made of crinkled chiffon.

Is there anyone more beautiful than mom?

style voila maxi

Jameela Black ~  Rayhana Collection 

5. A Classic, Textured Hijab. 

Your mom is a classy woman, so get her a classic hijab to reflect that. Our line of textured hijabs comes in a large variety of colours and styles. These textured hijabs are simple and elegant, and versatile–they’ll pair well with all of her outfits, and will give her plenty of use.

This line featured 11 different hijab styles, and a light, butti chiffon material with swiss buttons. 

style chic

Biking Red ~ Textured Hijab 

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