Five Gift Ideas For Muslim Girls

It can be hard to shop for kids–their interests are always changing, and who knows what it is they really want! Shopping for your girl, whatever the occasion, can be a hassle. So, we want to help out by serving you up some hot, fresh inspiration. These are some gift ideas your Muslim girls, specifically those who are of hijab-wearing age and above–suitable for eid, birthdays, graduation and basically any other gift-giving occasion. These gifts are good for women and girls of any age, but your preteens, teens, and young adults will especially like these ideas.

Halal Snacks

Five Gift Ideas For Muslim Girls - bokitta blog - halal snacks

You can’t go wrong with a box full of yummy snacks. Put together a cute box full of her favourites, decorate it, and have fun picking out yummy goodies. If you’re outside of a Muslim majority region, this is an especially good idea because halal snacks can be hard to come by. For example, most gummy snacks in the USA and Europe are made with pork gelatin. So, if you can source some halal gummies for her, you will blow her mind!

Hijab Magnets

Magnets are a super fun and cute way to decorate a hijab. Girls can use magnets to express style and personality. There are tons of magnets out on the market now, so get looking. A good place to start is with our own  gold-plated hijab magnets.

Five Gift Ideas For Muslim Girls - bokitta blog  - hijab magnets - stylers

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Trendy Scarves

Five Gift Ideas For Muslim Girls - bokitta blog - hubuk print - miracles collection

"Hubuk" Print from Miracles Collection. Click To Shop 

A great, unique new hijab for her collection is a great gift for any hijabi girl. Find one that speaks to her personal taste, style, and interests. If you’re shopping for someone young or old, you can’t go wrong with a well designed, trendy hijab print made from a comfy, breathable material. Try browsing our World Traveller or Miracles collections to find some fun, artistic designs. If you’re shopping for someone younger, try our slip-on hijabs for young girls.

The Pakistani Martha Stuart

If you’re shopping for someone with a little extra sass or spunk, try getting them something cheeky, while also supporting a Muslim artist.

One example of a pioneering Muslima creator is Pakistani Martha Stuart. She sells funny, Muslima-inspired pop-art prints and designs online. You can get these turned into stickers, wall-art, t-shirts and more.  Chances are, your teen will love her designs.

An Experience

While physical gifts are great–experiences are important too. Sometimes, non-tangible gifts mean more than something they can unwrap. Make your gift an experience—one based on her interests and desires.

5 gift ideas for muslim girls - bokitta blog

Is she into the outdoors? Go camping. Is she into ancient history? Visit some amazing ruins. It doesn’t have to be expensive–go on a lovely picnic. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality time perhaps more than anything. 

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