Five Reasons To Be An Optimist

Here are Five Reasons To Be Optimistic Today (And Everyday)
FIve Reasons Optimists Are Happier, Healthier

There are times of difficulty, and there are times of ease. During happy, fulfilling periods of our lives, it's easy to keep a positive, optimistic outlook because things seem to be going our way. But what about when they don’t? In times of difficulty, our outlook tends to change for the worse. We get discouraged, we get angry, we get pessimistic. In life, there are optimists and pessimists. Vaults full of research has shown that optimists tend to be wealthier, healthier, and happier than pessimists. It begs the question: are optimists happy because they’re successful, or are they successful because they’re happy?

Regardless, each of us gets to choose what kind of mindset we will face life with. Here are five reasons why you should be wearing the hat of optimism out the door each day.


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1. Positive Mindset, Positive Actions

By analysing life with a negative mindset, you’re less likely to help others, contribute positively to your life and the lives of those around you. A pessimistic mindset leads you to believe that your actions don’t matter. You couldn’t be more wrong. Everything you do matters, which is why it's important to build yourself up each and every day. 

Looking through the world through a lens of optimism lets us see the best in others, and in ourselves. By seeing the best in the world around us, we will take actions that are kinder, more helpful, and that positively impact those around us.

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2. More Risk, More Reward

Optimists are willing to take chances. Willing to put themselves out there. Willing to risk. Now, risk doesn't always pay off. But if you’re never taking new opportunities, how are you going to achieve your goals?

Pessimists aren’t as likely to take chances or put themselves in uncomfortable or scary situations. But that’s how we grow. Maybe you’re afraid to take that job because you think you’re underqualified, or perhaps you don’t want to pitch your portfolio because you’re afraid it will get rejected? You’ll never know until you do. Having an optimistic mindset helps us take that great leap forward into the unknown, towards the goals that we are dreaming of. Don’t be afraid of failure. Speaking of which….

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3. Failure Isn’t The End, It's a Lesson

Everybody fails. And if you’re not failing, it means you’re not trying. With a positive mindset, you can go back to the drawing-board, see what you did wrong, and take another stab at it.

Early on in his career, Walt-Disney was cut from his newspaper illustrator job because they said he lacked imagination. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her early job as a television news anchor. The list of famous failures goes on. They had the ability to absorb failure, learn from it, and keep on going.

When optimists fail, instead of giving up, they try to find the lesson within. It’s there, you just have to look for it.

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4. Have Intention, Goals

To be a pessimist is to wander through a haze of uncertainty. Uncertain of what you want to do, what you want to be, and so on. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

Optimists have goals. If you feel like you don’t know how to move ahead, set goals for yourself, big or small. Do you want to be a painter? Make your goal to create five new pieces each day. Want to get back in shape? Try running a quarter-mile more every time you exercise.

Goals keep us inspired. They make something tangible out of the intangible. They give us something to strive towards.

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5. Healthy Mindset, Healthy Life

Optimism has positive impacts on mental and physical health. A well-known Harvard study called the “Grant Study” showed that optimism is a predictor of health starting at age 45. Optimism is an immune booster–leading to less infection and disease, and less doctors visits. 

Optimists are also less likely to die from accidents or violence because they tend to safeguard their life and well-being, and more carefully select their setting and social circles.

It's not always easy to remain optimistic. Life gets you down, but it's important to get back up. Things don't always come easy–life doesn’t always go our way. However, by staying focused on a distinctly positive outlook, we are able to withstand the bad, and fully embrace the good. 

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