Five Tips For New Hijabis

If you’re new to wearing hijab, chances are you have a lot of questions. It’s no small feat to start veiling–and the process can be complicated. Not every woman has a hijabi friend to guide them through the (sometimes) difficult and complex process of adopting hijab. Whether you’ve been veiling for years, or are just starting out on your journey of modesty, this guide will give you tips on hijabi fashion and lifestyle.

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Start out with a print you love

When you’re picking out a hijab for the first time, you want to feel good about what you’re wearing. Hijab prints are a great way to express your personal style, and your unique flair. Find something that you will feel beautiful in. Wearing hijab might make you feel self-conscious, or that you stand out, especially if you live in an area where hijab is uncommon. Because wearing hijab goes against contemporary beauty standards in many ways, adopting the veil can be an emotional experience.

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For these reasons, find a hijab with a print that is beautiful to you. There are countless varieties of print styles, from florals, to geometrics, to abstracts, so you’re sure to find a print that speaks to you.
If you find the hijab prints you pick out beautiful, you’ll feel confident wearing them! 

Try out lots of wrap styles

Like with choosing a print, hijab styles are a perfect way to express yourself. There are thousands of hijab styles to choose from, so the sky's the limit.  From Turkish wraps to turban styles, do a little bit of research to see what kind of wrap style might suit you. Then, try out a new one each day. Soon, you’ll find out which style is most practical and stylish for you.

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Make sure you have wardrobe essentials

When you start wearing Hijab, you’ll want to have some clothing essentials to match it with. Lots of hijabis like to buy simple, classic pieces that aren’t overly complex. Choose wardrobe essentials based on your style. For days where you want a preppy, clean look, make sure you have a pair of nice white slacks. When you want something urban and casual, reach for your oversized blue jeans. Buy clothes that are classic, and match well with your array of hijabs.  When it comes to wardrobe essentials, you want balance. If you find yourself normally wearing hijabs with busy and complex patterns, you might want to avoid heavily patterned clothing. If you go for a solid colour hijab, then spice up your outfit with patterned tops or bottoms. For a deep-dive into modesty styling, check out our modesty styling guide.

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Choose the right hijab for you

You’ll feel good about wearing a hijab if you find a style and print that flatters you. There are a few things you should consider when shopping for hijabs. Find a hijab that matches you face shape. If you have a long, rectangular face shape, you might want to go for a hijab with a bandana that hides part of the forehead. If you’ve got large cheeks, you may want to go for a look that doesn’t accentuate them.

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You’ll also want to consider skintone when you’re picking out a hijab print. What color suits you best? Maybe there is a certain color that makes your eyes pop, or gives a lovely glow to your skin tone. These are all things to consider when deciding on hijab color and style. For extra help, check out our quick and easy hijab quiz. In just a few short questions, we’ll give you a recommendation on which style is right for you.

Staying strong in your decision

Adopting hijab is no easy decision–its a process that has it’s ups and downs. Especially if you are a newcomer to hijab, adopting it late in life, you’ll likely second-guess yourself. Just understand that adjustments take time, and a little perseverance goes a long way.

Maybe you can start small–if you’re not used to wearing hijab, maybe you can start off wearing it just at home until you get comfortable with it. Try to start small, and improve every day.
You’ll find it helpful to find a support network. Make friends with like-minded ladies, hijabi or not, who can encourage you as you grow.

Remember–your journey with modesty and hijab is yours and nobody else’s. Allah sees your heart–your good intentions, and that is what matters most.


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