Here’s How To Find Your Colour Season

When you’re putting together outfits, there is a fashion philosophy that says to dress according to your season. But what is a season? How do you know what your season is? And how do you dress according to it? Keep reading, and we will walk you through how to dress according to your colour season.

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When we talk about colour seasons, we mean the four seasons of nature: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons has a suite of colours associated with it. And depending on your features, one suite of colours might compliment you more than the others.

Spring Colours: Warm + Light Colours
Summer Colours: Cool + Light Colours
Autumn Colours: Warm + Dark Colours
Winter Colours: Cool+Dark Colours

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To determine your colour season, first, you’re going to want to identify your undertones. What is an undertone? It’s a subdued or muted tone of colour. Your three main features–hair, eyes, and skin–all have a certain undertone that we categorise into “warm” and “cold” undertones. Figuring out the undertone of your features will help you determine what colour season you are.

Determine your skin undertone:

Here’s How To Find Your Colour Season - bokitta blog

Your skin has " WARM " undertones if your:
-Skin appears yellow or golden against white
-Veins appear green in sunlight
-Tan easily

Your skin has " COOL " undertones if your:
-Skin appears to pink, blue or red against white
-Veins appear blue in sunlight
-Sunburn easily

Determine your hair undertone:

These hair colours are considered " WARM " toned:
-Rich brown
-Strawberry Blonde

Here’s How To Find Your Colour Season - bokitta blog

These hair colours are considered " COOL " toned:
-Ashy Brown
-Ashy Blonde

Now, for your eyes:

These eye colours are generally considered " WARM " toned:

And these eye colours are considered " COOL " toned:
-VIbrant Green
-VioletHere's How to find your color season - bokitta blog Now that you’ve figured out what tone your features are, its time to add them up. How many warm features do you have versus cool features? If all three features are warm, you are completely warm-toned. Maybe you have one cool feature, so you simply lean warm. Tally your features up and keep them in mind as we move on.
Next, you’ll want to figure out your value and contrast. If you are completely warm toned or completely cool toned, this is an easier step for you. But if you are mixed warm/cool, then you should take into account your contrasting features.

Figure out whether you are high contrast or low contrast:

You might be " LOW CONTRAST " if your:
-Hair and skin tone are similar colours
-Have light hair for your ethnicity
-Have light brown or blonde hair

You might be " HIGH CONTRAST " if your:

-Hair is significantly darker than your skin tone.
-Hair is dark for your ethnicity.
-Hair is very rich in colour.Here's How to find your color season - bokitta blog

Lastly, determine your Chroma:

The chroma is the intensity of colours in your features–how saturated and strong in colour they have.

You have a high chroma if:

You have a bright appearance where hair, skin and eyes are fully saturated. Your features are poppy, vibrant, and they lack grey pigments. The high saturation in high-chroma individuals often creates a lot of contrast in the features.

If you have a low chroma:
You’ll have a muted, subtle appearance with hair, skin and eyes that have a desaturated quality. Your features will be less vibrant, and you will have some grey pigments in your features.

Finding your season is easy now that we have mapped your features. Combine elements of your features to determine your season

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Warm Tones+Light Features = Spring Colours

You’ll look best in Spring colours if you have warm tones, and light, muted features that are not very high contrast. You’ll know that your colour season is Spring if dark clothes age you up, but light colours give you a youthful pop.

‍Cool Tones+Light Features= Summer Colours.

If you have cool features, and an obvious high contrast, but muted-to-semi-muted chroma, then Summer is likely your season. You’ll know for sure if gold isn’t your colour, but silver makes you look balanced and complements you.

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Warm Tones + Dark Features = Autumn Colours

If you have rich, warm undertones and dark features like brunette, brown hair, or black hair and a high level of contrast between features, then Autumn is your season. Pale, bright colours will wash you out, but deeper, richer, and darker colours will bring out your features in perfect balance. 

Cool Tones+Dark Features=Winter

If you have a majority of cool undertones and dark features with a high contrast (black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, for example) then Winter is definitely your season. Again, dark colours will suit you, and bright, pale colours will make you look unbalanced. 



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