Hijabi Dress Code for a job interview

The office is a place that you spend so much time in, and sometimes even more time than that you spend at home. The first step to get to an office is the job interview, which tells a lot about you, and gives an impression that will last.

A job interview could take different formats such as phone call, video call, One-on-One, On-site interview, or even Panel interview. The format is not the essence, yet the most important thing is the first impression that you give to the employer, in which your outfit plays a major role.

They say actions speak louder than words, but in the case of a Job interview, your outfits say the first words, and yes I am sorry to tell you that you are judged by your outfit on first notice. This is why you should take care of your look, and consider all the details in it to promote the best image you can about yourself.


~Clothing Collection

Who said modesty and professionalism do not meet?!  They do indeed. Not only in your look and appearance, but also in your walk and the way you talk, in addition to the way you deal with others, especially men in the workplace, where your relationship should not exceed the limits of the professional level and only when needed.
You have many options that you could wear to a job interview, the office or even a professional event that are modest yet trendy and beautiful, so this article will help you in your professional outfits’ choices which you can also adopt as a dress code for your daily office wear, for a fashionable yet comfortable everyday look.

For that, check out our Essential Collection, a perfectly matching hijab for job interviews to help you in your next shoppin trip.


~Essential Collection

One item can be matched with different pieces to create many looks.

1- All-time favorite and easiest fit to choose is the one with a blazer.
You can match it with a blouse and pants, a blouse and a skirt or even a long monochrome dress.
Play with the blouse and sometimes choose a blouse with ruffles, another time a button shirt and sometimes a plain long mono-color top.

blazer clothing

Basic Blazer ~ Clothing Collection

Fits inspirations: (you can add more according to the outfits in images found)

  • Long plain dress with a blazer go very well together
  • Monochromatic suit with a minimal printed shirt
  • A two-piece matching suit is a great option. You can choose a checkered print suit (blazer with pants or a skirt), or even a mono color suit with a plain innerwear shirt under it.
  • Tailored blouse or a shell under a jacket
  • A long kimono or shrug in a decent and plain color, with no stripes nor prints and a high-quality buttoned shirt or a professional print top


Side Folds Vest ~ Clothing Collection

2- For your hijab, we recommend you to choose a plain hijab in subtle hues, or one with a decent minimal print to keep the look professional with an alluring appearance. Make sure you wear under it a cap and you use pins to keep it in its place, during the interview. If you wish to avoid the hassle of using pins, not having your hijab well placed and having a matching inner, you must get yourself Bokitta Hijabs that match your professional outfits.


jolie collection                                         
                               ~Jolie Collection                                  

3- Always remember to keep your accessories subtle and minimal without exaggeration. It is enough to go for a watch (without a fierce sparkle) and a simple ring or a thin bracelet. Avoid the set of rings, big rings and big colored bracelets.

4- Do not wear too much makeup. You can only hide any acnes or blemishes on your face and have a presentable look without making your makeup obvious.

5- As for the shoes, both flats and heels are acceptable but not sandals, snickers nor any toes revealing shoes, yet very high heels are not the right choice for workplace and job interviews.  Keep it formal and avoid strong colors. Choose matt basic colors or nudes such as black, navy, beige or brown, in leather, vinyl or matt.
If it is winter, there is no problem choosing medium-length boots that match your outfit but are not extra sophisticated or heavy.

6- For your handbag, also choose subtle mono-color pieces in small or medium-size and not large sizes. Go for a bag in a dark or light color that matches your outfit.



 Clothing Collection

🌷 As an important note, stay decent with your voice and choose your words wisely and the first thing to do is to ask Allah to facilitate the process for you and give you the best out of it. 🌷


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