Five Ways to Up Your Mix-and-Match Game

It’s easy these days to overstuff your closet. We are constantly inundated with new ‘fast fashion’ trends and fly-by styles from all sides. Have you noticed yourself accumulating pieces of clothing that take up room in the back of your closet that you never wear? (me too.) You might also be stuck in that vicious cycle of wearing the same two or three outfits over and over again, because you simply don’t have any others that you like.

If you want to break these habits, we need to talk about mixing and matching. You need to find select pieces that work in concert with each other. Take back control of your closet and your fashion by being very intentional by selecting pieces that can be turned into a wide variety of outfits. You don’t feel the same everyday, so why should your clothes? It’s time to find your style.

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This list of tips was inspired by BOKITTA’s new Mix and Match Collection–a collection of classic basics, all built to complement each other, and your whole closet. Here are five tips on upping your mix-and-match game:

1- Only Keep What You Love, Replace The Rest 

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We are leaning into Summertime, so I know that your closet is probably full of last-Summer's impulse buys that you’ll probably never wear again. Get rid of them. They’re cluttering your closet and your mind. When you’re creating a mix-and-match wardrobe, clothes that you never wear will get in the way.

Go through your wardrobe, decide what you love to wear, and kick the rest to the curb. Cleaning out your wardrobe is a great task for a self-care day. This will make more room for you to invest in quality, multi-use items that will last beyond the next trend.

2- Back To Basics  

The first thing that you’ll want to do is make sure that your basics are covered. What do we mean by basics? Trend proof. These should be clothes that are classic, that you love to wear. Think basic, good-fitting jeans, t-shirts, blouses. These should be semi-versatile items that you can dress up or dress down. Try to go for neutral colours like greys, whites, blacks because those colours match almost anything.

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Choosing your suite of basics will give you a strong foundation to build upon. If you’re not sure what kind of clothing basics work for your body type, check out these guides on modest fashion styling basics for everyone from petite to plus-size.

3- Have Statement Items 

Statement items are an item of personal flare that will build on your basics. Statement items can really be anything–think boots, skirts, hats, scarves–whatever. Hijabs, with versatile textures and patterns, make some of the best statement items out there! Statement items just need to be unique to you, and make you feel confident and trendy.

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Poppy, bright, patterned statement items are a great way to go, because they will stand out and accentuate your basics.

4- Embrace Accessories

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Like the statement items, accessories make the sky the limit when it comes to mixing and matching. Good accessories will give you a wide array of combinations. Even a small accessory can change the entire feeling of an outfit. Tuck the blouse and add a belt, or throw on some eye-catching earrings. Something as simple as a watch, hat, or sunglasses can make one outfit into two.

5- Play Dress Up Photo Suggestion:

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So, you’ve got a set of basics that you’re happy with and you’ve picked some statement items to bring them to life. Now, it’s time to test it all out. Spend some time putting together different outfits to see how many combinations you’ve got on your hands. If you pick versatile classics, you’d be surprised how many outfits you can make from just a few items.

This step lets you see exactly what you’ve got, and what you’re missing. It also lets you have outfits already in mind for the future when you’re in a rush and you don’t know what to wear.

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