How To Plan A Last-minute Summer Vacation?

We wait for the holidays all year long and we arrange outings with a scheduled list of activities that we want to do on the hot days of summer.

Traveling is often on our list, yet not every time. But what if we decided to have a last-minute trip to a charming island or a populated city? 

Usually, people prepare and plan for a summer project, but in case you were one of the procrastinators or someone with a last-minute decision to take, you still have the opportunity to conclude the summer on a high note with your free time at the end of August and in September! 

Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

We provide you below a list of tips to help you plan for your summer vacation in a short period:

1. Study your Budget 

    The majority of things we do in life require a budget, and so do vacations!

    Last-minute vacation booking may cost more than these with early planning months in advance. So you must do the math, calculate your savings and consider how much you want to spend, assess your status and set your budget for the trip. Look for the cheaper options on different sites, or through contacting resorts and hotels directly. 

    Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

    Your budget determines the time and location restrictions of your trip because the length of the period of your stay is what requires spending the most!

    2. Do the Research 

      Although you might be tight on time, you need to research the location, the hotel, the food, the facilities, and the services in the destination you want to spend your vacation at. Ask for real people’s opinions and get recommendations from friends and families who have spent a holiday in the place you choose.

      Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

      A small tip: read the negative reviews given to a specific place instead of the positive ones, so you can know what bad things to expect (hopefully not) if you decide to choose it. 

      3. Be Flexible 

        You may have a dream location to visit, but since you are arranging a last-minute trip, some adjustments might need to take place. Be flexible in your choice of dates and destinations and accept the fact that bookings might not be as easy as you think, because it is on  late notice.  

        Keep looking for special deals and look for bundles with offers to benefit from discounts. For example, some hotels/resorts offer an extra free night for bookings over 5 days, so you can look for these locations for your trip.

        Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

        In case flight booking was unavailable or difficult, you might need to book your departing and coming back flights on different airlines, especially if this offers you a cheaper option. 

        4. Choose Your Destination and Set the Period you want to spend

          The amount of money you set as a budget determines how far you can go and how long you can stay. 

          Look for the off-season locations: for example, look for ski locations in summer, because they turn into normal travel destinations with a lower cost, contrary to the beach locations that are high in prices and have full reservations in summer. 

          Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

          5. Book on the Perfect Date Immediately 

            After checking all the details for your flight, it is time to set the bookings before it is too late! As the day of travel approaches, the cost of airfare increases, so you need to take the right decision for a non-refundable payment. Make sure to book your tickets at least 2-3 weeks before the departure date, and on a side note, flights on weekdays are cheaper than those on weekends! 

            Start looking as soon as possible for tickets and rooms, because summer is a high season and it might get difficult to get the booking with the specifications you want and the budget you set. Search for deals and offers and don’t hesitate to contact airlines and resorts websites for a last-minute deal. Last-minute discounts are offered by airlines when they need to fill seats and accommodations, so you might be very lucky to get a discounted price. 

            Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

            If you are limited in time and you have only a few days to spend on your holiday, you might need to take direct flights to avoid wasting any time at the airports, waiting for your next flight to reach the destination, hence you need to consider spending your vacation at close places to your current location. 

            6. Plan your Activities

              It is important to set a prior schedule and plan for your outings throughout the trip ahead of time. Book activity sites on the date of your presence in the destination chosen and don’t forget to mention the number of people who will accompany you. On the other hand, keep at least a free day to go shopping, or even to make a spontaneous outing throughout the day with no guide nor time limits.

              Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?
              Planning your activities will help you stay on budget yet still enjoy the summer vacation once landing on the airplane!

              7. Pack Shortly

                Once you make the decision and you finish the bookings, start the packing; but don’t pack too many things! 

                For your skin and hair care, make sure to have little bottles for a mini traveling quantity, that does not take too much space and weight from your baggage (try looking for travel kits). 

                As for your clothes, you don’t need to pack your whole wardrobe, especially if your trip is not very long! Choose 4 or 5 pieces that could be matched together for a variety of outfits, and you can switch between them while on your trip.

                Do not forget to take the essentials that you need all the time like your medicine, glasses, perfume, … (prepare a list of things that you need to pack so you don’t forget anything).

                Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

                You might get overwhelmed with the planning and booking processes, but try to keep it simple and easy for yourself. Remember that you are creating an escape and free time, so you need to enjoy every single moment. This vacation is meant to provide you with a respite from your stressful life, even if it's only for a couple of days.

                If you are looking for a low-cost, simply planned summer break activity, consider a local tour or any form of entertainment within your country of residence.

                Don’t stick to one destination or to a travel trip yet you can make it somewhere in the country. A long day on the beach or a road trip with friends and family will absolutely change your mood and recharge you for the next few days of the year; because what matters is good company, with people that you love and enjoy the time with. 

                Bokitta blog - How To Plan a Last-minute Summer Vacation?

                Remember, your intention (The Niyya) is everything. If you intend to make this holiday for the sake of Allah, you will not only be rewarded Ajer, but you will also enjoy your trip and make full sense of it. 

                If you are wondering how you could do so? It is easy. A trip for the sake of Allah is not just An Umrah or a visit to Medina, yet it could be to any place in the world if it meets these conditions:

                Firstly, make the intention that you are pursuing this trip to get back energy and be able to continue your life and worship with a recharged body and mind (Make the intention: “Attakawi a’la taa’at Allah” which means getting stronger to worship Allah). 

                Secondly, know that enjoying nature & places or thinking about the creatures and praising Allah for his creation, is a form of worship. This means that through your trip, you will be performing a form of worship that you get rewarded for, even if you were having fun and enjoying it.

                Thirdly, having a holiday without any form of prohibitions that anger Allah, such as watching people with revealed bodies, being in places that offer alcoholic drinks, or being indulgent with the Ibadat, is also a way to earn hasanat and have the trip for the sake of Allah. 

                🌸 We wish you a happy Summer Holiday and we hope you make your trips for the sake of Allah. 🌸

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