Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

Our life is moving at a fast pace and we became unable to stop and take a moment for ourselves within all the events and the concerns taking place around us. Everyone is looking to have a peaceful life full of joy, relaxation and meditation. But with all the ups and downs that we are facing, we forgot how to live in peace with ourselves and our entourage.   

One of the main reasons for a stressful life and unstable emotions, is that we do not accept our reality sometimes and we blame others or even life itself for what is happening to us. Yet in fact, it is just in our heads and we are the ones to decide to change for the better. If we surrender that all our matters are in the hands of Allah, then this will be the first step to live a peaceful life, free from anxiety and worry. 

We prepared for you a simple recipe to reach a peaceful life, and achieve higher levels of satisfaction and happiness:

1- Don't Occupy Yourself with Sadness over the Past nor Worry Over the Future 

The past is over, with its good and bad, with its joy and sadness. Things that happened already, could not be brought back to be changed, so accept that the past is gone and you cannot change it, yet you can change the way you see it and how it affects you, and later move on.

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

On the other hand, you cannot predict the future and the upcoming events that will happen. So live your day without being stressed or worried and enjoy the moment. Enjoy everything you are doing, even if it is difficult. Give your tasks the time they need and work at a relaxed pace.

And most importantly, do not forget to thank Allah for all the blessings he gave you, the ones that you can count on and those that you are not aware of.

" من أصبح منكم آمنا في سربه، معافى في جسده، عنده قوت يومه، فكأنما حيزت له الدنيا بحذافيرها‏" (رواه الترمذي)
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Whosoever begins the day feeling family security and good health; and possessing provision for his day is as though he possessed the whole world” (At-Tirmidhi)

2- Have a Strong Connection with Allah

Pleasing Allah is a main factor to improve your life and elevate it. Assess your relationship with the Lord and analyze where you are shortening. Make a strong bond with Allah by increasing your Thikr (Remembrance of Allah) and not missing on your prayers. You can also enhance your acts of worship by setting a time to read Quran daily or weekly at least. 

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ (28)
“Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured” (Surah
Ar-Ra’ad, Verse 28)

3- Reconcile with your Sins and Mistakes 

Accept the fact that we were not born perfect, and we are here to learn every day and every moment. Remember that everyone makes mistakes including you, and it is never too late to fix a situation or change an opinion to the right. Allah knows that you will make mistakes, so he opened the door of repentance for you and gave you the option to apologize to Him and to humans as well. 

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

4- Forgive 

Understanding and appreciating the significance of forgiveness will undoubtedly help you in forgiving and thus improving your life. Forgiveness is about freeing yourself so you can move forward and regain peace. You have to forgive yourself first so you will be able to forgive others. Acknowledge the hurt and embrace your feelings no matter how painful they are, to get over the act that hurt you or affected you negatively.

Forgive others to gain inner peace in life and higher levels in paradise.

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

5- Love Yourself and have some Self Time

Appreciate the human being you are today because you must have passed through many events that shaped your personality. You deserve to treat yourself always, and not only on occasions. This might sound flowery and idealistic, yet it does make a difference in your mood and emotions.

You can make a relaxation routine using essential oils, have a skincare treatment to pamper yourself, spend some time exercising your hobbies or even have some alone time to read. 

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

Most importantly, turn off your mobile and avoid background noise to drop out all negative thoughts and focus on your positive side.

6- Don't Trust Easily nor Exaggerate in your Feelings 

"أَحْبِبْ حَبِيبَكَ هَوْنًا مَا، عَسَى أَنْ يَكُونَ بَغِيضَكَ يَوْمًا مَا، وَأَبْغِضْ بَغِيضَكَ هَوْنًا مَا، عَسَى أَنْ يَكُونَ حَبِيبَكَ يَوْمًا مَا" (رواه الترمذي‌)
"Love your beloved moderately, perhaps he hates you someday. And hate whom you hate moderately, perhaps he becomes your beloved someday" (At-Tirmidhi)

 Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

End toxic relationships that might be affecting you negatively, especially with people who are hurting you or causing you emotional damage. 

 7- Learn To Say ‘NO’

You must add an important word to your dictionary. Make ‘NO’ your powerful tool to reinforce your mental health. There is no shame in rejecting a task or an opportunity that does not make you comfortable or adds a burden on your shoulders. You are already aware of your capabilities and how much you can take, so accept possibilities that appear to be beneficial for you, because accepting every task that comes your way might lead to feelings of overwork, resentment, and exhaustion.  

 8- Find Joy in the Little Things and Keep Smiling

Focus on the positive side in all acts and find joy in the little things, whether it is in a cup of coffee with your loved one, a supportive body being there for you, or even the shape of the clouds in the sky. You may have underestimated the change that could happen in your day!

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

A quote in Arabic says ‘Hope for the best and you shall find it,’ and what is better than being optimistic and looking for happiness?  Optimism is an art made by souls who are confident in Allah’s relief. He who knows the door of hope does not know the word impossible, and whoever knows the truth of his Lord will expect nothing but the beautiful. Enjoy the little things with yourself and with others, and be the one spreading happiness to the world! Instead of delaying your gratification, try to appreciate life right now. 

Smile in your heart and not only your lips. It is proven that this act will affect you internally and you will turn to be happy after a while, for real. It does not only cause mutual happiness with others yet it is an act of charity as well, that you receive Ajer for.

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips


9- Plan for your Goals and Make a Schedule 

A person living without a goal is not a life worth living. Plan for the future and hope to achieve big things, but always under the will of Allah.

وَلَا تَقُولَنَّ لِشَيْءٍ إِنِّي فَاعِلٌ ذَٰلِكَ غَدًا (23) إِلَّا أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ ۚ (24)
“And never say of anything, indeed, I will do that tomorrow (23) Except (when adding) "If Allah wills" (24) (Surah Al Kahf, Verses 23, 24)
Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

Make a list of your wishes and goals, and work towards reaching them, throughout your life. It is a joyful journey that will let you determine your path and dream big. Also, make a weekly schedule to organize your priorities and give yourself some free time. 

10- Spend some time Outside and Enjoy a Walk to your Destinations

Sun and fresh air are very important for your physical and emotional health, so do not miss any opportunity to go outside and change your mood.

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

Another form of worship is by contemplating the universe that Allah created. Be connected to nature because enjoying the beauty of the external world is not only a way to distress and get energy, yet it is also a form of praising Allah for all the beautiful creations that he provided for us.

11- Get Rid of Things that You Do Not Need 

Accumulating things that you do not need anymore, will only bring negative vibes to you. Get rid of all unnecessary items, and feel free immediately. Donate or give away any items you don't use any more like clothes, furniture or even papers (for recycling).

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips

Remember, you are the one to bring happiness or sorrow to yourself, and you designate your limits with others. Your mental health matters, to keep you moving forward in this life and remember that no matter what happens, choose yourself first. Stay strong by Allah and be in peace with yourself and entourage by getting closer to him.

Bokitta Blog - Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips


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