Rosemary Water in Your Hair? TikTok Fact or Fiction?

As a hijabi, it's important to protect your hair health. Although hijabs are great at keeping hair protected from the natural elements, some hair types experience dryness, irritation, and oiliness from being under a veil all day. So, it's important to be on the lookout for hijabi hair care tips.  We’ve all seen the countless internet trends on what's good for your hair and what isn’t. Everyone is telling us what to put in our hair–from mayonnaise, to avocado, and from bananas to rice water. One popularly emerging haircare trend is to use rosemary water. If you’re on beautytok, you’ve likely seen the videos of influencers and microcelebs dowsing their hair in the stuff. But does rosemary water actually do anything to improve your hair? Lets dive into that and take a look.

Rosemary Water in Your Hair? TikTok Fact or Fiction? - bokitta blog

Does Rosemary Water Benefit Hair?

The old adage goes that “healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.” But what does Rosemary Water do to benefit the scalp? Well, it’s not so much the water that is beneficial, but the oils found in it. That's right, Rosemary oil is a natural remedy that has proven benefits for scalp health. Compounds found within rosemary oil help encourage blood flow to the scalp. That added blood flow decreases hair loss and promotes hair growth. Besides Improved blood circulation in the hair follicles, Rosemary Oil is also full of antioxidants that are great for skin health. So, if you’re a hijabi experiencing hair loss, inflammation, or dandruff, rosemary water might be something for you to try.

Rosemary Water in Your Hair? TikTok Fact or Fiction? - bokitta blog

Certain hair types benefit more than others from rosemary oil:

Hair that is thinning  will see the most benefit from using rosemary oil. Especially if the thinning is coming from hormonal effects or ageing. Rosemary oil is also great for those with dry scalp and dandruff.

It takes time to see results from rosemary water usage:

Using rosemary once or twice won’t get you results. It takes around six months of regular usage for effects to really kick in.

There are several ways to use rosemary oil solution:

One popular method is to massage it directly into the scalp, let it sit for several hours or overnight, and then rinse out. You can also add rosemary oil directly into your shampoo for daily use. Some methods also have you clean with regular shampoo and rise your hair with a rosemary oil solution.

Rosemary Water in Your Hair? TikTok Fact or Fiction? - bokitta blog

 Want to make your own Rosemary Water Hair Rinse?

Here are the steps:

  1. Boil a cup of distilled water. (or a cup of filtered water), then turn off the heat to add the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Add a handful of dried rosemary leaves.
  3. Add a handful of mint leaves
  4. Allow them to sit in for 20 minutes
  5. Mix 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar
  6. Let it cool
  7. Pour into a spray bottle, and you can start using it!

For a rosemary oil scalp treatment, one drop of rosemary oil can be mixed with 6 drops of coconut oil, then massaged into the scalp and left on overnight.



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