5 Tips to Help You Find Your Personal Style

When you dress, you want to put your best foot forward. Fashion choices say a lot about you. Before an exchange of words, choice of dress conveys personality and charm. Everyone wants to look their best, but for everyone, that looks different. For these reasons, it's important to find a style that suits you– a style you love, clothing choices that you’re comfortable with, and looks that are suitable to your lifestyle.

Today, we’re going to supply you with some advice on how to curate your style to keep you confident and sharp-looking every-time you step out the door.

Disregard Quick Trends      

Everyday the deep fathoms of the internet inundate us with new, “micro trends.” Take a photo–it will last longer. Quick fashion trends come and go so quickly–you’ll never keep up.

It’s important to find a style that speaks to you personally–one that you’ll feel happy wearing for a long time.

Avoid low-cost, low-quality, current trends, and go for something that is affordable and timeless. You want clothes that will last. Choose pieces that stand out in your wardrobe that work in cohesion with each other. You want to be able to mix-and-match to create a variety of outfits.

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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

Think you can’t pull it off? You can.

Don’t limit your clothing choices to what you ‘think’ you can wear. If you do that, how are you going to find a style that works the best for you?

If you always wear a certain style of dress, try incorporating items from other looks too. Consider yourself punk rock? Try a dress with those boots. Maybe go for that smart-casual dress code you’ve been dreaming about.Don’t put yourself in a certain category and say “I can only wear clothes that are associated with this type of person.”

Try on something that feels off-limits, and you might just find the style that you’ve been looking for.

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Clean Out Your Closet   

Have you considered that you might be limiting your fashion choices by what's in your closet? You’re not the same person that you were last year, and your clothing should reflect that. As you change and grow, it’s important that your wardrobe matches that. Cleaning out your wardrobe is refreshing–and a perfect task for a self-care day.

Once a year or so, try going through your wardrobe and cleaning house. Take inventory of what you have. Decide what you love, and what you wear often. Keep that. Anything that you don’t, donate. If your style and personality are going to grow, your wardrobe needs room to breathe.

By limiting your wardrobe, you can make better use of the pieces you have, and you get a better idea of what you need. Next, you can focus on building a wardrobe of essentials that mix-and-match.

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Choose Clothes That Accentuate Your Best Features   

Everybody is different, and we all come in different shapes and sizes. That's OK. Clothes don’t fit everybody the same. It’s important to pick clothes that suit your body type and complement your best features. For more on this, check out our guide on modest fashion styling for petites and plus size.

You’ve heard these before: If you’re on the shorter side, avoid long, excessively baggy clothes. Go for a more tailored look. If you’re tall and thin, avoid clothes that are too skinny. Balance your top and bottom. If you’re wearing skinny jeans, don’t go for a shirt that is too baggy, or you might end up looking disproportionate.

Do some research, find out what stylists recommend for your individual body type, and change your approach to styling. While reading what experts have to say is helpful, it's also important to listen to yourself. Ultimately, you should wear clothes that you feel good in.

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For Hijabs

The same tips apply. With hijab fashion, it’s important to choose wrap styles that compliment your face shape, height, and body type.
Check out our hijab styling quiz to see which style is best suited to you!

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Follow The Rule(s) of Three  

We  believe in a “no rules fashion” approach, but before you break basic fashion rules, its important to understand them. There are two Rules of Three that you want to follow when making fashion decisions.

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Firstly, buy clothes that are multi-use. When you are considering buying a piece, see if you can utilise it three different ways. Does that top match to three different bottoms? Can you wear it tucked, untucked, and tied? The more multi-use your pieces are, the more variety you can inject into your style.

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The second Rule of Three is that you want a ‘third’ item in your outfit. So, you have a top and bottom that work well together. Throw in a hat, or some earrings, or maybe a vest. This third item will take your outfit from simple, to elevated. Basically, the third item is your little extra something–your personal flair.

This rule of three in particular is what makes hijabi fashion work so well. Hijabs are an incredibly good versatile ‘third’ item, with different colours, materials, and wrapping style that make them a wonderful addition to any outfit.

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Stylers! An Addition to a complete look 

As you go forth into your self-stylight journey, we hope that these simple tips help you find the perfect look for you. The most important thing is to remember that you make that look. Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.

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