The 10 biggest fashion trends for Fall 2022

With the Summer season coming to an end, it’s time to look at how you can style yourself for Fall. Over the Summer, lots of interesting looks hit the runways. From robes, to bomber jackets, to horse-racing gear. This fall is going to be an interesting one for fashion. Here are 10 fashion trends for Fall 2022!

1.White Shirts and Blue Jeans are a Forever Classic

We’re more and more convinced that this is one look that will never go out of style. The classic white top and blue jeans has been a steadfast, reliable fashion combo since the 1950’s. Sure, styling has changed some over the years (remember ladies, skinny jeans are out, baggy jeans are in) but this is a combo you can always count in any season, even in the Fall.


This fall, robes are going to be in. Over the last year, we’ve seen Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and Gucci unveil new robed looks. Once the weather starts to cool down, we are expecting to see lots of robes, all over the place. So, grab one while you can!

3.Black, but make it glitzy

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Black is going to be in this Fall. Designers the world over are rolling out black looks–they might be black, but they aren’t back-to-basics. Give it some style–some glitter, layers, or pieces that add interest.

4. Broad-shouldered suits

The walkways of the world made the message clear–broad-shouldered suits aren’t just for men anymore. Ladies can sport them too. Don’t be afraid to bulk up your top half, because the look is in. Broad shouldered jackets on ladies look tough, fierce, and incredibly cool.

5.Bomber Jackets

Speaking of jackets–bomber jackets are going to be the new Fall jacket staples. Bomber jackets are unabashedly cool, and charismatic. They give off a cool, fearless vibe that anyone can jive with.

6.White Tanks

White tanks are becoming more and more popular for their simplicity and variety of styling options. They make a great undershirt to wear with a flannel or jacket. They’re slick, simple and super comfy.

7. Long, Long Lines

Extra long silhouettes are going to be super in this fall. These styles hug the body to create long, eye-catching silhouettes. Unlike baggy styles which disrupt the silhouettes, this style accentuates length without emphasising the curves.

8. We <3 the 90’s

Baggy suits, simple design, black leather, and mom-jeans. 90’s inspired fashion was all over the runways, and it’s going to be a hot trend in this Fall’s fashion circuits. People can’t get enough of that 90’s feeling-over-form type of fashion design. 

9. Browns:

Brown is a great fall colour, and people are starting to embrace it more. When handled and styled right, brown can create some really incredible looks. Monochrome, all-brown looks are a way to go, but you can also pair them with a few splashes of eye-catching, cool-colours.

10. Equestrianism

Equestrian-inspired looks dominated runways, with browns, tight-elbow patch blazers, equestrian hats, and even capes! A surprising, but welcome turn. This sophisticated yet sporty look is a great way to style yourself this Fall.


Which look can you see yourself in? What look do you think falls the flattest? This is a broad and diverse set of styles, so chances are everyone will connect with something on this list! 

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