Three Things to Do During Your Summer Vacation

Summer is in full swing. If you’re a student, you’ve got months of free time ahead of you. If you’re a mom, your hands are as full as ever–but at least the days are getting longer! Free time and long, lazy Summer days mean more time for fun! Summers were made for enjoyment–so here are a few things you can enjoy doing on Summer vacation this year!

Dive into a hobby

Three Things to Do During Your Summer Vacation - bokitta blog

With all the extra time in your hands, why not dive into a hobby? What do you love doing? Chances are you’ve got some extra time on your hands this Summer, so why not use it on something you love? Try developing your hobby into something extra productive–have a Summer project. Maybe you’re good at crafts like knitting, making jewellery, or forging. Make and sell your goods online to earn a little extra cash, and have a fun business experience. Maybe you’re great at skateboarding, comedy, or photography? Upload content on the web this Summer to fuel your passion and show off your skills.

Learn a new skill

Three Things to Do During Your Summer Vacation - bokitta blog

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do? Maybe you want to speak a new language, learn how to ride a bike, or develop the ability to do frontflips? Now is the perfect time to develop a new skill. Spend a little time each day practising whatever it is you’ve determined yourself to do. You might not be great at first, but you’ll improve little by little, and by the end of the Summer, you’ll be a master!


Three Things to Do During Your Summer Vacation - bokitta blog

Try out a selfless act this Summer. Find an organisation with a mission that you believe in. Perhaps it's a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, or maybe it’s your local library. Spend some time volunteering with them! It's a great way to make new friends, new connections, and help your community.  You’ll learn a lot, and your spirit will be humbled. There is such beauty in acts of selflessness.

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