Traveling Thrifty: 5 Tips For Great Vacations on a Budget

It’s Summer vacation time! Where is your spirit of adventure going to whisk you away this Summer? That might depend on your wallet. Maybe you’re dreaming of a cross-country European vacation, or a food-fueled tour of Southeast Asia. Maybe you’re looking for an island getaway in Bali. If you think you can’t afford a world-class vacation–maybe you can. With the right planning, your ideal vacation can happen at an affordable price. We’re going to walk you through some cost-cutting measures that will get you where you want to go at a decent, affordable price.

5 Tips For Great Vacations on a Budget - Bokitta Blog

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Adventurous spirits often like to dive head-first into their journey. “Get me there, then I’ll make my plan.” We support the fiery spirit, but that’s not the most cost-effective way of doing things. You can save money by planning out your trip beforehand. Look at the most cost-effective routes.

5 Tips For Great Vacations on a Budget - Bokitta Blog

Let’s say you’re trying to do the classic European backpacking adventure. You can save money on plane tickets and travel by planning your flights out. Instead of buying a round-trip ticket from England. Maybe buy a one way ticket to England, and a one way ticket back from Germany. If you’re taking trains across Europe, look up routes beforehand to see what cities you’ll want to go through. This will save you time and money.

Book Early

5 Tips For Great Vacations on a Budget - Bokitta Blog

This one is simple! The later you wait to book a flight, the more it's going to cost you. If you know you want to travel to Europe next Summer, go ahead and book the flight 6 months in advance. You’ll save loads on the ticket. This goes for hotels, too. The earlier you book, the better the rate will be. Travel Off-Season If you can. So instead of travelling in Summer, try Fall or Winter. Your destinations will be less crowded, and you’ll save tremendously on hotels and airfare.

Use Public Transport

5 Tips For Great Vacations on a Budget - Bokitta Blog

Public transport is a great way to affordably get around like a local. Do some research on your destination’s public transport options. Busses, trains, and rideshares are a great way to move around at a fraction of that a taxi or private car will cost you. Talk to locals and tourist information offices for information of bus and train routes where you are staying.


5 Tips For Great Vacations on a Budget - Bokitta Blog

So, while they may not be the most luxurious and comfortable of accommodations, hostel are a tried and true way of travelling on a low budget. In case you don’t know what a hostel is, it’s like a shared dormitory space for travellers. Many hostels offer a bed in a dormitory style room for as little as $10-30 per night. But, you will be sharing a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen with strangers. Many hostels also offer women-only rooms for your safety and protection.

Eat Local

5 Tips For Great Vacations on a Budget - Bokitta Blog

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it's worth mentioning. When you travel, avoid major franchises, tourist-traps, and simply eat where the locals eat! If you eat at local, family-owned places, you’re going to get better prices, and delicious, traditional, home-cooked meals. Now that is how you travel!

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