What To Wear To The Beach?

Say Hello to Beach days!

What’s better than enjoying a sunny day on the beach, with the beautiful view of the horizon intertwining with the sea, and the splashy waves hitting your feet on the hot sand! Here comes the season of vacations!
Many facilities are offered to woman whether on beaches or pools, yet the dilemma remains in the dress code of women at these places that do not respect the Islamic guidelines in covering the Awrah (revealing body parts) that Allah ordered to cover, so we advise you, our beloved hijabi sister, to look for places that apply the shari’i dress code, even at women-only facilities. 

Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

A stylish cute beach outfit is the best thing you can wear to a beach party or even a walk by the sea. Here are some outfit suggestions that you can apply for such a location: 

1. Maxi Dress or Breezy Beach Dress 

Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

    Wear a dressy, flirty and cute outfit that keeps you comfortable and feminine all day! 

    2. Flowery Palazzo Pants and Skirts with an Oversized Top

    Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

    The Flowery designs intertwine with the bluish beauty of the sea to create an unusual beautiful color combination, in the most feminine looks ever!

    3. A Tunic with a Plisse skirt 

    Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

    A beautiful combination of basics to create a cool dazzling look on the beach. match it with sandals for an extra splashy look!

    4. Crocks And Flip flops

    Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

    You all know by now that Burkinis are the best solution for a hijabi woman on the beach. But I advise you to choose a piece with a larger size than your original one, and a fabric that does not stick to the body once it’s wet. So, pick high-quality elastic and quick drying fabric like nylon or lycra, with a matching fabric head cap and hijab.

    Not only this, but also remember that there are no exceptions at the beach, not your lower feet nor a quiff of your hair are allowed to be revealed! 

    5. Burkini

    Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

    A variety of modern options are found now in the market, so you can choose your favorite color, design and coverage length burkini, to stay modest while enjoying your time.

    6. Cardigan

    Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

    An oversized lightweight cardigan with wide-leg pants is also a perfect option for a splashy location. You can also top it over your burkini for an extra modest look, when you get out of the water. 

    7. Kimono

    Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

    This is a very modern piece to add to your beach summer days!  A flowery print is also a good choice over your burkini, if you don't feel comfortable wearing it.

    If you are enjoying a day on the beach with your girl friends, remember to consider the pleasure of Allah in the places you go to and the clothes you wear. The Awrah of a woman among other women is from the belly button to the knees, so always choose a swimsuit that covers this part of your body.

    Yes, even on the beach, you are encouraged to stay modest and keep your faith standards. So here are few suggestions for what to wear on women-only beaches: 

    8. One-piece Knee Covering Swimsuit 

      Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?
      Another option is a mismatched outfit: sleeveless shirt with a knee covering legging in a nylon fabric = same result!

        Don’t forget to keep with you another layer of clothes to wear while not in the water. You can wear:

        9. An Oversized Button Shirt or ‘boyfriend shirt'

        Wear it for a special cover look. It is the easiest option to slip on over a swimsuit for a poolside drink or some rest under the umbrella. It works great for extra sun protection.

        Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?
        Choose a short plain dress or a floral printed one, to wear when out of the water, Sunkissed while enjoying the summer breeze.

          Beach Essentials:

          The Beach outing is very special and requires baggage of essentials that you cannot dispense of.

          Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

          Don’t forget to have:

          1. Sunglasses 
          2. Sunscreen (with high SPF)
          3. Hat: you can choose a straw or a bucket hat
          4. Headband and hair clips 
          5. Flip Flops  
          6. Oversized towels 
          7. Net bag or boho bag 
          8. Cold water bottles and portable mini fridge if available 
          9. Simple relaxing book 
          10. Playful items for activities like a balloon, tennis or sand toys for kids
          Bokitta Blog - What To Wear To The Beach?

            🌞 We wish you the best summer vacation ever by enjoying the sunny days on the beach and praising Allah for his beautiful creations! 🌞

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