13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

The beauty of Islam is that it considers all aspects of human life, even the hygiene and the appearance of the person. The hijab was indeed imposed on all women who reached the age of puberty, yet on the same hand, they have the duty to treat their precious hair in the best way and provide it with all the necessary care it needs. 

 قال رسول الله () " ... إِنَّ اللَّهَ جَمِيلٌ يُحِبُّ الْجَمَالَ..." (رواه مسلم)
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Allah is Beautiful, He loves beauty” (Muslim)

Who said that if you are a Hijabi girl, you have to neglect taking care of your hair? This is a very wrong misconception!

Although your hair is not exposed in public and covered most of the day, yet as a Muslim woman, you are requested to take care of your appearance and be in your best looks always, because you are not wearing your hijab 24/7! Also, because your hair is an Amanah, that you need to appreciate, as the Prophet ‘peace be upon him recommended. 

عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ (ﷺ) قَالَ: "مَنْ كَانَ لَهُ شعرٌ فليُكرمه" (رَوَاهُ أَبُو دَاوُد)
 Abu Huraira reported Allah’s messenger () saying, “He who has hair should honor it” (Abu Dawud) 

And honoring the hair in Islam is by cleaning it, combing it, perfuming it, and perfecting its look and appearance. And in that, there is a major proof on the intensive care of Islam with good looks and beauty.

Bokitta Blog - 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

We know that many of you, hijabi girls, need some guidance on how to treat your hair, so we prepared for you below, 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis:

 1. Take care of the Hair while wearing the Hijab 

    Many girls complain about their front hairline receding, thinking that the problem is because of the hijab. Yet in fact, this happens because of the way you treat your hair under it! We normally lose 50 to 100 strands of hair daily, yet we want to make sure that we don’t lose more.

    You need to tie your hair properly and avoid tightening it under your scarf. Make it in a half ponytail (looped inside) without pulling back so much, so you don’t add pressure at the front. 

    You can also make your hair in a loose braid. Push it under your inner shirt or within the scarf inner, and enjoy a day free of the hassle of losing more hair. 

    Note: It is very important to wear a hijab inner to limit the little baby hair flies and to hold the hair in a well representative and protective way.

    2. Replace Elastics with Silk or Satin Hair Ties 

      Most hair elastics cause hair breakage, especially if they were made of rubber.

      Consider using silk or satin hair ties or even soft scrunchies, because they make your hair slip easily without pulling so hard or detaching any strands. Make sure that the hairband is loose-fitted and not too tight.

      Bokitta Blog - 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

      3.  Avoid washing your Hair Every Single Day

        The hair scalp produces some necessary oils that are essential for the scalp and the hair needs, so let your hair enjoy these oils a little, for a day, but not to an extent to get dirty or greasy hair. It is not recommended to wash the hair daily, but only in few cases liking exercising a lot and sweating, or having a super oily scalp.

        4. Avoid Hot Water in the Shower 

          Washing your hair with hot water eliminates the essential oils and moisture from your hair, which causes dehydration for the scalp and hair frizziness. Instead, rinse your hair with cold water to close the pores, leave the scalp hydrated and prevent dirt from reaching inside the pores. 

          Bokitta Blog - 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

          5. Comb and Trim your Hair Regularly  

            Never miss on combing your hair once you remove your headscarf and before going to bed or in the morning. 

            You should also trim the ends regularly because keeping them - especially if they are split or damaged ends-, will limit the nutrients from reaching the hair and hence the hair will fall. 

            The main secret for good hair is regular trims. I heard that hair blossoms like trees in the spring, in March and April, so choose these months for having a haircut to ensure that your hair grows faster and healthier, and get a fresh and neat look. 

            Bokitta Blog - 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

            6. Use the Right Shampoo 

              Know your hair type and get the convenient shampoo. Choose the one that hydrates and revitalized the dry hair, along with a matching conditioner that suits your hair type whether it was straight, frizzy, or curly. 

              7. Use suitable Hair Masks

                You need to moisturize your hair twice a week with hair masks found in the market from reliable brands or you can even create your own natural masks at home, that suit your hair type or problems.

                Pamper your hair with essential oils mixes like olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel or Henna. You can also make some masks with egg, mayonnaise, or onions (yes! Onions for hair loss are said to give the best results).  

                Bokitta Blog - 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

                8. Choose High-Quality Hijabs

                  Find the hijab material that suits your hair type whether it was cotton, jersey, or silk and ensure breathability of your hair.

                  At Bokitta, we understand the hassle that you face when buying hijabs, and trying to choose something that does not cause damage to your hair. That’s why we use the best fabrics and materials that do not harm your beautiful hair. We use lightweight high-quality fabric materials, lined with 100% cotton voile for breathability.

                  9. Never Wear Your Hijab on Wet Hair 

                    Always dry your hair before wearing the hijab. This will cause damage to the scalp and will weaken the hair. So, it is better to air dry your hair, but if you are in rush, you can blow dry it with medium to cold heat and not hot air. 

                    10. Offer the scalp a gentle Massage 

                      Flip the hair to the front, upside down, and massage the scalp every day for 5-10 minutes. It will refresh the blood circulation and give vividity to the hair, despite reducing your headache after a long busy day.

                      Bokitta Blog - 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

                      11. Let your Hair Breathe

                        Let me tell you something. Although you are covering your hair for a long time throughout the day, yet you still have the rest of the day and the night to let your hair breathe!

                        When you are not wearing the hijab, keep your hair loose without any hair accessory, and enjoy its beautiful smell and look.

                        You can also make it in a loose braid to enjoy natural lovely waves.

                        12. Stay Hydrated and watch your Diet

                          Water is essential for all body parts, even for the hair. It is a key element for your health. Increase your daily water intake and add more vegetables and proteins to your diet, to get all the essential nutrients that you need. 

                          13. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase 

                            Silk can help your hair control the oil secretion of glands, so you might need to consider using a silk pillow instead of normal cotton or polyester one if you want to take extra care of your hair.

                            A change in the health of your hair might not appear overnight, yet small steps could lead to perfect results, after a certain period. 

                            Bokitta Blog - 13 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Hijabis

                            The problem is not being a hijabi, yet it is in the way we wear our hijab and how we deal with our hair. Wearing the scarf should never be an excuse for unhealthy hair, yet as mentioned before, you should take care of the Amanah that Allah granted you.

                            🌺 So make sure you take care of your hair as it is an essential element in your beauty, and your crown that enhances your femininity. 🌺

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