Back to school: 5 practical lunch box ideas

School lunches feel like a hassle, but they don’t have to be! The key to a great lunchbox for your kid is to take simple, quality staples and give them a fun twist. It’s important to get balance right, too. Lunchboxes should have a balance of protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables. All of these important elements of a good diet should be represented. Here are a few great lunch boxes that are fun, colourful, delicious and well-balanced. Get inspired, and create some great lunches for your kiddos.

Bento Box

bento box - lunch box idea for school - bokitta blog

To make your kids’ lunch experience extra special, try making them a Bento Box. This is a Japanese-style boxed lunch that usually incorporates rice, grilled meat, and some kind of vegetable side. These are a super fun, unique and delicious cultural eating experience that will delight and amaze your kids.

Turkey Roll Ups + exotic sides

turkey with hummos in pita bresd -lunch box ideas for school - bokitta blog

The trusty meat and cheese rollup has been a trusted lunch-box staple for generations at this point. It’s easy, nutritious and great for kids. This particular lunchbox has paired pita bread and hummus for extra nutrition and some cute cherry tomatoes for extra veg. Delicious!

Mini Sandwiches

mini sandwich - lunch box ideas for shool - bokitta blog

Try packing your kids’ lunch box with mini sandwiches. Sandwiches are an inexpensive, nutritious, and much-desired lunchbox staple for a reason. This person has paired the lunchbox with edamame beans for vegetable and orange slices for fruit

Avocado Toast + Fruit and Veg

avocado toast and fruits - launch box ideas for school - bokitta blog

Avocado toast is a much-beloved millennial superfood lunch that is tasty, refined and very nutritious. This lunchbox has an avocado spread with tomatoes and slices of boiled egg on top for protein. Some cucumber slices on the side for vegetable, and a little cookie to finish it off with a sweet treat.

A Cute Theme

cute theme - l;unch box ideas for school - bokitta blog

Try a cute theme with your kids’ lunchbox. This is a way for you to get creative and inspired and to make lunchtime extra fun and special for your kid! This lunchbox has a pirate themed sandwich with cute little carrot and celery sticks, with a side of fruit. Getting creative and theming your kids’ lunches will make them super memorable (and perhaps the envy of their classmates).

♥Which lunchbox would you eat? Which one suits your kids’ tastes the most? Each of these lunchbox ideas has great staple items that you can mix and match for unlimited colourful combinations. Happy snacking! ♥

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