5 tips for cultivating self-discipline

Cultivating self-discipline is an extremely important quality of a successful person, but doing so isn’t easy. As humans, we naturally want to take the path of least resistance–we want to do that is easy, which makes doing the hard thing that much harder. We’re going to recommend 5 tips for increasing discipline and accountability. These are the steps to reaching your goals.

1. Know where you struggle

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What are your weaknesses? Impatience? Do you find it difficult to start projects, or to finish them? Knowing your weaknesses lets you know what you need to work on the most. Find out what areas you personally struggle in, and start finding ways to hold yourself accountable. Make a list of your weaknesses and strengths, and start there.

2. Get a mentor

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Find someone who is great at what you want to be doing. Spend time with them, learn from them, show them your work and ask for their feedback. Ask them to mentor you, and keep you accountable on your projects. Ask them to give you deadlines for work. The sky's the limit with ways a relationship like this can be beneficial.

3. Write down your goals/plans

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When we write down goals, we are far, far more likely to follow through with them. Try writing out your daily, short-term, and long term goals. Put them somewhere that you can see them each day. Doing this is going to keep your goals in your mind daily. It will cause you to confront the promises that you make to yourself more often, so you’ll want to hold yourself accountable.

4. Remove temptations

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What distracts you from your goals? What do you find yourself wasting time on? If you spend too much time on TikTok, delete the app. If you watch too much TV, remove it from your home. It might not be fun, but it might be necessary.

5. Start small, go big

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Before you reach for the moon, you have to build the rocket. It’s okay to have lofty goals, but it's also important to have milestones. Have smaller goals on your journey that lead you to where you want to be. If you only reach for the major goal, you’ll get discouraged quickly.

🌸 How do these tips align with your goals? Do you find your self-discipline lacking in areas where these tips might help? Whatever you’re trying to do in life, keep your mind focused and chip away at your goal day-by-day, bit by bit 🌸~

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