Developing a Summer Routine For Your Kids

While your kids are out of school all Summer, keeping their day structured can be a challenge. They’ve got all the time in the world on their hands, and you’re busy taking care of work, the home, and them! Keeping a routine for your kids during Summer is important. It keeps them disciplined, focused, and prevents Summer learning loss. A solid routine keeps your kids happy, learning, and well-behaved, and as a parent, it lets you plan out your day and maximise your free time. So, here are some tips on how to create a Summer routine for your kiddos.

Encourage education, learning, and creativity

Developing a Summer Routine For Your Kids - bokitta blog

Designate some time throughout the day for your kids to do productive activities. Set aside an hour for reading, and an hour for creating. Encourage them to fill their brains with knowledge instead of TV and video games as is Summer tradition. Give them time to be creative and discover their artistic passions! This technique will also help with Summer learning loss, so they will be ahead of the curve when the time comes to return to classes!

Household duties and responsibilities

Developing a Summer Routine For Your Kids - bokitta blog

Since your kids will be home all day, let them help out around the house! Give your kids a list of chores to complete each day. Get them to clean, wash dishes, fold laundry–all the stuff you don’t want to do! They’ll learn a little about home economics, hard work, and it will save you lots of time throughout the day.

The importance of downtime

Developing a Summer Routine For Your Kids - bokitta blog

Give your kids downtime. Downtime is important because kids must learn how to entertain themselves. Given free time, kids will use their imaginations more, play more, and explore their personal interests more. Free time lets kids be who they want to be, and do what they want to do. Although they get bored easily, children are exceptionally good at entertaining themselves.

Summer job

Developing a Summer Routine For Your Kids

If your child is old enough (15 or 16 years old in most countries), let them get a Summer job! The Summer job is a classic Summer experience where kids learn the value of hard work, budgeting, how to handle money, and they have a lot of fun doing it. A first job is a lot of responsibility, but it’s a great opportunity for your kids to spend their Summer earning money, and doing something productive!

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