How To Cover Up and Stay Cool This Summer

It's beautiful Summertime: over 35 degrees in the shade, and you could cook your breakfast on the hood of your car. These days, everyone is trying to find ways to escape the heat–and everyone has different methods. Many are hitting the beach. Others are sequestering themselves inside underneath as many fans as possible.

What we wear has a major impact on our comfort during these hot Summer months. Lots of people keep cool by removing as much clothing as they can get away with, but for others, that’s not an option. If you are a modestly-dressing woman, you know that there are certain tricks for keeping cool while remaining covered during Summertime.

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We want you to feel (and look) as cool as you are, so here are five tips on modest fashion styling for Summer months. With these tips, you’ll have all you need to put together your finest hijab Summer outfits.

Choose the right fabrics        

Choosing the right fabrics to wear is crucial. You always want to wear lightweight and breathable fabrics. Air should be able to pass through them easily. Doing so will allow hot air to circulate out, and cool air to circulate in. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are what you should be aiming for, so try out some 100% cotton Summer dresses.

Usually, you want to avoid synthetic fabrics unless they are designed for breathability. Fabrics like Rayon and Tencel are good synthetic choices. Bokitta just released our first clothing line, a series of breathable, sweat-wicking clothes made from Tencel. You can also check out modest sportswear brands for outfits that cover, but breathe.

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Choose the right colours 

This is a staple Summer-time dress code rule, but I’ll address it here. You want to wear light colours. Light colours absorb far less heat than dark colours like blacks, dark grey, navy blue, which absorb massive amounts of heat from light energy.

As a rule of thumb, the closer to Black the colour is, the more heat it is going to absorb. So, ditch your pretty black blouse for a fun, airy white one. It might hurt, but you’ll thank yourself later.

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It’s time to talk about undies. Now, it’s generally a good idea to avoid layers when dressing for Summer. But, sometimes a layer is worth it. Wearing a thin tank top under a blouse, or even boy shorts under a skirt, can have certain advantages.

A thin shirt under your blouse can absorb sweat, letting you avoid embarrassing stains. It also keeps your skin out of direct contact with your outer layer, which might be especially hot on a particularly sunny day (especially if you didn’t take our advice on not wearing Black). Wearing boy shorts underneath your skirt or dress will also help absorb sweat, avoid stains, and resist chafing in sensitive areas.


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Loose Clothing 

 In hot, sweltering weather, tight clothing is your worst enemy.

Tight clothes trap heat and hot air instead of venting it. They also trap heat from sunlight right against your skin. That's why you should opt for flowy, loose clothing. Loose clothes create a chimney-like effect, allowing hot air to rise up and out. Not only is it the more modest choice, but it’s more practical for summer weather. Summer time is the perfect opportunity to try out flowy, floral modest Summer dresses.

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Cover Up

 Lots of people try to remove clothes in hot weather. Maybe they should try covering up–it can actually keep you cooler! Keeping your skin covered keeps it shaded, away from direct heat and sunlight. Covering up also has the added benefit of preventing sunburn and skin damage.

Take these tips, and try them out! By understanding the basics of Summer-friendly clothing, the sky's the limit with what kinds of outfits you can sport this year. Chances are, you’re going to have your coolest Summer yet.

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