Time Management Tips For Moms at Home

If you’re at home with a baby–you’re already working hard. But if you’re working a career job from home, both if your jobs just got a lot harder. You’re fighting against time–something that there is just precious little of.

Time Management Tips For Moms at Home  -Bokitta Blog

When you’re balancing taking care of little ones with your own personal work, it’s important to have time and energy-saving strategies, and it’s important to implement them habitually and intentionally. Read on, Mom, because we are going to supply you with some tips on how to manage your time from home, and get your tasks accomplished, all while juggling the responsibility of taking care of your little ones.

Recognize the importance of a planner:

Time Management Tips For Moms at Home  -Bokitta Blog

 Keeping a well-organised planner can be a lifesaver. Writing down and visualising what tasks you have to work on is an incredible way to boost your efficiency. If it's written down, you’re far more likely to do it.

Your inclination might be to write them down in order of importance. Another strategy is to write them down in order of efficiency.

Let’s say you have to bake a cake for your kid’s class later that day, but you also want to meal prep breakfast for the next week.

While meal prepping breakfast might not be so high on your to-do list, if you’re already working in the kitchen, go ahead and knock out all of your kitchen-related tasks. Two birds, one stone.

Don’t rely on only the planner:

Time Management Tips For Moms at Home  -Bokitta Blog

Planners aren’t an “in your face reminder” of the day’s tasks, so if you aren’t looking right at it, you might forget something. Try using sticky notes. If you have chores to do around the house, try leaving sticky notes in various locations to remind you of what you’d like to accomplish.

Fall into a routine:

Time Management Tips For Moms at Home  -Bokitta Blog

Try to set up a routine, and stick to it. Plan out your day in 30-minute increments, and try to follow it as closely as possible. With your kids, plan out their day too. Know at what times you’ll set them down for a nap, put on a movie to distract them, or let them in the yard to play. Times like these where your kids are totally distracted are golden moments for you to get work done.

Sticking to a routine lets you know when you’ll have time to accomplish certain tasks, which makes planning way easier!

Wake up before your kids:

Let’s face it–it’s nearly impossible to get things done with kids around. The earlier you wake up before your kids, the better. When they’re asleep is the perfect time to get work done. So, try to wake up several hours before them, sneak in a cup of coffee, and get to work. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be with even that small amount of free time.

Take control of your time, stay engaged, and practice some of these time-management life hacks–even with young kids, and breastfeeding-age babies, you’ll be sure to save time, be more efficient, and get more work done! 

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