6 Tips to Relieve Stress with a Spiritual Boost
This era’s common problem is Stress. It is taking over people because of so many reasons that we are aware of or we are not. Anxiety and stress are among the things that can happen for many reasons to disturb...
Recipe for a Peaceful Life - 11 Tips
We prepared for you a simple recipe to reach a peaceful life, and achieve higher levels of satisfaction and happiness:
8 Best Halal-Friendly Staycation Locations

On the bright side, the number of Muslim friendly destinations around the world are increasing with a large range of facilities and activities. Halal vacations are becoming more popular every year, with beautiful packages for Muslim visitors!

Choosing the destination might not be an easy process for many, so we did the work for you and prepared a list of options to choose from, for a halal holiday this summer.

How To Plan A Last-minute Summer Vacation?

Usually, people prepare and plan for a summer project, but in case you were one of the procrastinators or someone with a last-minute decision to take, you still have the opportunity to conclude the summer on a high note with your free time at the end of August and in September! 

We provide you below a list of tips to help you plan for your summer vacation in a short period

8 Daily Habits that will Change Your Life

Bringing in new habits and changing your life requires a decision from you, so work upon that immediately! There is always room for self-improvement and making a few little adjustments can go a long way, but most importantly we need to consider all sides of our life when making a change. 

You might be struggling and you need a reminder to keep you fresh, so here are 8 Daily Habits that can absolutely change your life: