This collaboration is a tribute to the powerful women who spread their brilliance, abilities, and motivation to those in their surroundings. The exclusive prints display Arabic calligraphy that reads “You are a ray of sunshine.” It comes in our innovative ready-to-wear hijab styles, specifically crafted to complement various face shapes.
Ideal for the contemporary woman on the move.

About Samah Safi Bayazid :

Samah Safi Bayazid is an award-winning Jordanian-American film director and producer based in Washington DC.
She co-founded Light Art VR for Islamic entertaining virtual reality experiences.
Her primary focus is to shed light on crucial humanitarian issues, such as the struggles faced by refugees & war-affected children, empowering women, combating Islamophobia, and bringing positive representation for Muslims in the western media.
She was a guest-speaker on many prestigious stages and universities like Harvard, TED talks and others.
She aspires for her work and productions to serve as a bridge between diverse cultures, amplifying the voices of the marginalized.
Samah hopes to make a lasting impact, one film at a time.

Available Hijab Styles:


This ready-to-wear designer hijab is made of exclusive lightweight high-quality fabric and lined with 100% cotton voile to ensure breathability and comfort for hijabi women.

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Loose Vogue

Introducing the newly updated Vogue 2.0 instant hijab style, designed to elevate your everyday look with its unmatched versatility. Whether you prefer a relaxed or a more face-framing style, this hijab has got you covered.

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Loose Capshawl

This ready-to-wear designer hijab features a closed cap with a long shawl of 65x180cm (24x71in) attached to it which offers you an easy, elegant and sophisticated appearance ; It is versatile , since you can wear it in a fully wrapped or a turban look.

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Rectangle Shawl

A 185x70cm classic, rectangular shawl with an included 2-in-1 inner that you can style in a variety of ways. Wear it as a hijab, or tie it around your neck like a scarf.

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