7 Must Have Hijab Colors For Your Wardrobe

There are near limitless hijab options when you consider different styles, materials, colour, patterns, and ties. Every hijabi woman knows the struggle of picking the right colored hijab to match the day’s outfit. We’re going to go over some basic, must-have hijab colours that every hijabi woman should have in her wardrobe. Each colour serves a specific niche in your closet, and these picks will be multiple use, and match a wide range of outfits.

must have colors - plain instant hijabs collection - bokitta blog

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natural instant hijab from bokitta essentials collection

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Nude is all the rage these days, so it’s important to have
a great beige headscarf. You can easily match this to
nude handbags, belts, shoes and other accessories.


burgundy crinkled chiffon - plain chiffon collection - bokkitta blog

Get "Burgundy" from Plain Chiffon Collection 

This is a rich, warm, and velvety essential that
matches well to dark and light skin tones.


soil must-have color - essentials collection - bokitta blog

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A natural, earthy dark tone that lets you pull off light tops
and bottoms while keeping your look balanced. Dark browns
are a great option for achieving dark looks while avoiding black.


pewter grey instant hijab by bokitta plain chiffon collection

Get "Pewter Grey" color from
Bokitta "Plain Chiffon" collection

Greys are a great neutral tone that will match to whatever
colour you want to wear. This neutral colour will match whites,
blacks, dark blues, and almost any colour combo you’re considering.


black instant hijab from bokitta plain hijab collection

Get the "Black" coolor from bokitta plain chiffon collection 

What more can we say? Black is a closet staple that
complements anyone’s features, and matches any
colour. A must have colour for your hijab drawer.


pearl white hijab from bokitta plain chiffon collection

"Pearl White" from the Plain Chiffon collection. Click to shop

You knew this would be on this list. A nice, bright white hijab
is an important staple for your closet. It matches with anything,
and will brighten up any outfit.


apple from bokitta essentias colection

Get this "Apple" hijab from our Essentials collection

A darker, subtle green hijab is a great addition to
your collection. This colour compliments light and
dark skin tones, and remains a versatile colour choice.

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